Testing the Best Combat Knife in the World – FS1 Endurance Testing



As promised, here is the R&D testing of our FS1 knives. Early testing revealed the need for a combination of the most acute edge geometry possible with …

27 thoughts on “Testing the Best Combat Knife in the World – FS1 Endurance Testing

  1. ian leicester says:

    hey murray, personally i think imho that a combat knife is for one thing only and let's face it that's to take lives of others. so it should be kept at ultimate sharpness and a secondary knife would be carried for all other duties ?? ian.

  2. john Mutton says:

    Ballocks! Is this what spec ops get up to? Seriously how do they carry a tub of water and stone, and who carries the timer. Brutal testing. Another sales pinchfor the gullible.

  3. littletanksfelpro says:

    1 inch hemp has been and still is the industry standard for testing blades. 10 inches long blade to cut though manila, ("usually done with blades upwards of 10 inches" ) that is a farce to promote there blades. there are a lot of ABS (american blade society) smiths that would not pass the first test if that was the case. i will stop there, just sad to see someone over exaggerate any product just to make a sale and boost there rep with misinformation. this is a fine product, but back off on the "story" and sell the product honestly.

  4. Marcus Grimes says:

    Looks like a nice knife. But these are parlor tricks for the most part. Want to impress me? Tell me what the edge geometry is exactly, how thick behind the edge, and what it’s sharpened at. Then, show me the edge under magnification before and after the wetstone.

  5. Rob Gooch says:

    I am floored by some of the comments here. A "combat knife" for some reason in many folk's mind has to be a 10" Bowie fighter. Listen to what the "guys in San Diego" said. If I am operating in the field I am going to need a cutting tool that cuts stuff WHILE IN COMBAT. I am not necessarily looking for it to perform as a primary edged weapon. If you need a PEW to function as such then you can narrow the parameters and be more specific to the task. This knife is a SUPERB combination of combat utility and combat specific use requirements. It performs very well at daily utility tasks and is efficient to maintain so as to function as an effective weapon should it be required to do so. Primary AND secondary weapons fail. They fail often. This knife performs way better than a stick if that happens. It also performs at the top of the scale across the board. Great knife. Great makers.

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