Testing Knife Defense Skills With A Colombian



Fabian has volunteered to help us with our knife defense social experiment. We asked him what he would do if someone came at him with a knife. Subscribe to my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChnr4aWjYlhvPwWLF0ITQhA.

He didn’t know, so he got stabbed multiple times during this scenario based attack. The majority of people would be shocked and frozen with fear in a situation like that, not knowing how to react.

He wanted to learn though, which is good because you never know when you might need to defend yourself from a knife attacker! Practicing this self defense drill can literally save your life one day!

First things first, when someone comes near you holding a dangerous weapon, in this case a knife, you have to put your arms up. It’s best to remain passive, calm and not give your fear away to the attacker that’s trying to harm you.

Your sole objective in this situation would be to trap the knife, and manage to fight your opponent off by defending yourself and striking back. It’s crucial that you trap the knife and strike at the same time, because if you don’t you have chances not making it out alive. While having your arms up, you can grab the knife with one hand and palm strike your opponent with the other. You can’t just strike him, because your attacker will stab you for sure. You need to trap the knife he is carrying so you can get the upper hand afterwards. You must control where that knife is going, and keep it away from you.

Remember that the longer you wait to trap it, the more slashes you will get. Your only objective would be to trap it as quickly as possible, and then to defend by striking repeatedly at your opponent. Once you have caused enough damage, you can escape the situation alive. Focus on surviving.
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