Testing Knife Defense Skills With A Colombian

Fabian has volunteered to help us with our knife defense social experiment. We asked him what he would do if someone came at him with a knife. Subscribe to my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChnr4aWjYlhvPwWLF0ITQhA.

He didn’t know, so he got stabbed multiple times during this scenario based attack. The majority of people would be shocked and frozen with fear in a situation like that, not knowing how to react.

He wanted to learn though, which is good because you never know when you might need to defend yourself from a knife attacker! Practicing this self defense drill can literally save your life one day!

First things first, when someone comes near you holding a dangerous weapon, in this case a knife, you have to put your arms up. It’s best to remain passive, calm and not give your fear away to the attacker that’s trying to harm you.

Your sole objective in this situation would be to trap the knife, and manage to fight your opponent off by defending yourself and striking back. It’s crucial that you trap the knife and strike at the same time, because if you don’t you have chances not making it out alive. While having your arms up, you can grab the knife with one hand and palm strike your opponent with the other. You can’t just strike him, because your attacker will stab you for sure. You need to trap the knife he is carrying so you can get the upper hand afterwards. You must control where that knife is going, and keep it away from you.

Remember that the longer you wait to trap it, the more slashes you will get. Your only objective would be to trap it as quickly as possible, and then to defend by striking repeatedly at your opponent. Once you have caused enough damage, you can escape the situation alive. Focus on surviving.
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44 thoughts on “Testing Knife Defense Skills With A Colombian

  1. Anthony Interrante says:

    Gotta make it more realistic man I never seen a knife attack where the knife wielder isn't full of rage and coming at you with everything they got big dude could easily over power if he was actually getting after it

  2. Brian Holdren says:

    This stuff is STUPID, and scary as hell. I've never had a gun pointed at me in earnestness (not seriously, anyway) and generally I prefer to run away if someone is attacking me. I'm not proud, and I'm still here. The one time in my life when a (drunk) guy tried to cut/stab me and I was cornered, I grabbed the knife hand, fell down, and hung on like grim death until other people came and saved my ass. (Thanks, randy, Lee, BTW). If I knew this stuff, I dunno, maybe I'd have gotten hurt, trying to fight, rather than just trying to stay alive.

  3. Julius Cross says:

    I was stab with a thin ice pick like weapon but after controlling his arm and disarming him I got it away from him and beat that sack of cap to sleep. I did beat on him while he was unconscious lol. funny thing about getting stabbed is you feel the cold first if it's sharp.

  4. Jad Hajali says:

    this is very dependent on the strength difference between the attacker and the "trapper"
    if u trap him and he can easily overpower u ( 1 hand vs 1 hand ) he can still slit your stomach open, even if u are hitting him :/

    dont know tho, just my thought.

  5. Brett Jackson says:

    Nice video! That guy did pretty good not having a martial arts background. It proves that instincts alone can help you survive. From a real knife altercation, your opponent will never telegraph what he is doing, he will go straight in. Besides, having your opponent even 1,2 to 3 feet of you is very dangerous.Why?! Your opponent will blitz towards you unsupectedly, and you will not see it coming. Unless you asses the situation and take advantage immediately. I like the fact that krav maga was introduced into this scenario. It takes time and training to read your opponent body cues and react accordingly. Especially when they are appearing harmless in front you.

  6. Frank F says:

    Great video Nick! Nice to see someone point out that you don't just have to be fixated on the knife, you should be trying to trap and strike. .I have actually just punched the attacker in the face as soon as I saw the knife it made trapping it easier.

  7. Angel says:

    Uy claro mi ñero aqui en Fontibon le sacan el chuzo y uno que hace.

    Great video Nick¡ Im Colombian and here kinfe attacks are very common, so dont pay attention to the message above hahaha

  8. uddo speck says:

    i am pretty sure fabian can run very fast and the smartest move is, to run and not to risk to be stabbed. even the best martial arts trained man should take the run away move first. fighting a knife bare hands is very risky. i am trained in boxing, i move my hands in and out very fast, good luck to catch such a fast moving arm and trap it. it's not smart even to tell people such a bullshit here.

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