Testing groin strikes WITHOUT A CUP | are groin strikes the best self defence technique?



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30 thoughts on “Testing groin strikes WITHOUT A CUP | are groin strikes the best self defence technique?

  1. 0013 says:

    one of the things that is unfortunate about women who watch the ''magical one kick self defense'' videos is that they dont know that men ALWAYS protect the groin in any fight. that's one area we are very cautios about, even in a play fight you always assume it will take a hit. because all men got kicked in the nuts at some point and we never wanna go through it again.

  2. Tech Set Studios says:

    There is something to be said for when they are going 100% offense it would be easier to land it but still you would be getting hit in the head and ofc it might not have the effect needed anyway. So yeah Train BJJ and Boxing.

  3. Sam Fisher says:

    Its kinda hard to see it considering the main point of the video is about nut checking and it leans towards being expected

    so ima try it with someone else without their knowledge gl to me:D

  4. Street Ninja says:


    I started out in a self defence system but after a while felt it was to stationary and not enough sparring.

    Switched over to an mma gym and love it, but sometimes miss some things that could happen 'on da streetz' and never in a combat sport.

    So this channel is perfect for me 🙂

  5. Samsonerd says:

    Man Raymond Daniel's was relentless with his groin shots against Peter Stanonik. Just seeing this short clips gives me flashbacks to the discomfort I suffered watching the fight.

  6. PineConeKingX says:

    It's definitely not a snooze button.
    During a grapling session I tried to jump the opponents guard. He went back and I landed my left testicle on his knee with my bodyweight. I continued trying to work through the pain but tapped out and went for an icepack…ouchie..
    A real fight would have a different outcome.
    Pain is part of it, most people are prepared for the hurt and will endure a lot more if it than during a training session.

  7. Anf Trew says:

    Mothers, grandmas and aunties all over the world are to blame for propagating that massive lie. 'if a man tries this, just knee/kick him in the goolies, that'll do it dear'. No. Just no. As you have just kind of demoed, it's a very hard target to get. True fact, the male gonads make up one of the most heavily defended parts of the body. Apart from the obvious, watching for danger, the nads have their own early warning system in the form of very sensitive nerves along the inner thigh. Anything triggers any of those nerves, and two things immediately and involuntarily happen. Your knackers are actually pulled up tight to the bottom of your abdomen, for real, that happens, and your thighs pull in to form a shield around them. That's why very often, an inbound kick gets briefly trapped between the targets legs even before the ball sack is contacted. And that's not to mention that contrary to what us chaps like to claim, it's not that big a target, and it's a moving, guarded target at that.

  8. skedtm says:

    I think sparring is quite different to a full on fight.

    Once the adrelinin kicks in, everything that normally should hurt won't hurt as much.

    A knee to the groin in devastating though. I kneed someone accidently when they squared up to me and made me flinch. I did flinch, but the flinch included a knee raise straight to the goolies.

    He went down like a sack of potatos and didn't get back up for a while.


  9. Ralph black says:

    Groin shot is a good distracting shot coz in general people are extremely afraid of it so they tend to exaggerate their reaction when they see it coming. But as a finisher it's maybe the worst. Thank you a lot for the video, please stay safe. And take care. Keep up the good work. ❤

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