Testa Cangaceiro Knife Fighting



risingsunproductions.net presents Cangaceiro Knife fighting featuring Antonio Flavia Testa who was trained by one of the desert dwillers in Brazils desert.

14 thoughts on “Testa Cangaceiro Knife Fighting

  1. tactical2bagpipes says:

    I have never seen ANY "system" in knife "fighting". Whether it is FMA, or european, or military types it all goes out the window and looks the same when real steel starts slashing and stabbin'. Gross motor movements,viciousness, and instinctive reactions are all that actually happens. I have studied a great deal of various "systems" and it is all mostly dance move bullshit.

  2. Jose Machado says:

    Mas que charlatanismo! Não condiz com a realidade que foram os duelos no cangaço. Começando pelo tipo de faca. As facas usadas na demonstração parecem uma faca de trincheira e cangaceiros usavam PUNHAIS NORDESTINOS. Ou seja, em geral sequer possuiam corte. Logo as lutas no mínimo deveriam ser baseadas em ESTOCADAS. Segundo, os punhais eram LONGOS, em média algo de 50cm. Então como é que o método pode ser de combate aproximado!?. E ainda havia o movimento de excução chamado saboneteira, cadê!?


    At least you are demonstrating something of a useful skill set here, unlike some of the other BS that I've seen recently. Knife on knife training, although fun, is not very practical in todays society where people just attack you while you're unaware, leaving you no time to access our own blade. Knife on knife fighting is rare. I'm not a hater either, I just wanted to point this out. I'm actually a practitioner and some of this is very similar to my own training.

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