Terror Move Evidence VIOLENCE FACTORY knife combat technique

Using a box cutter to show how even under extremely limiting conditions the Terror Move is still scary. Thank you all for your interest and support! I’m sorry I couldn’t just post Violence…

16 thoughts on “Terror Move Evidence VIOLENCE FACTORY knife combat technique

  1. wmpyr says:

    @DaiReborn Thank you very much! I just sent it. Please be careful with how you use this info, hopefully you it will encourage you to practice and develop skill and confidence but never ever have to use it. take care -Wmpyr

  2. DaiReborn says:

    You can actually carry a box cutter at most retail jobs .where a lot of young people work and where a lot of people get robbed, like liquor stores and gas stations. A lot of retail locations won't let employees carry knives, even pocket knives, or they'll have very low size limitations. That means a boxcutter is gonna be your EDC, and I should have been practicing with it, now I have something to start with.

  3. wmpyr says:

    @poormansjamesbond now that is music to my ears! the constant training and practice of violence helps us master it, and tame it until we become peaceful warriors. People who start with peace are vulnerable to violence.

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