29 thoughts on “Terrainaholic Showing the Art of Indonesian Knife Fighting

  1. TheTerrainTutor says:

    Shit man, I trained in JKD, Kali and Silat under Dave Carnell for 15 years. Dave was one of Cass Magda's students/instructors, basically the rep for the JKD Nucleolus here in the UK. Do you still train?

  2. lostonexxx says:

    Wow, what a cool vid!
    Any chance you could do a slow mo disarming tut? Something real basic but handy to know?
    I was planning a knife attack on you then stealing your bits boxes, but I guess Ill pass for now lol.

  3. terrainaholic says:

    Thanks Guys!!!!! Ya I'm alittle bleached hun? Thanks also for all the positive responces:)!!! I definetly feel rusty after a year off but it was fun to flow with the knife again. Boy I miss it!!!!! I may do some more just to force myself out of the basement. I'll try to keep them fun for you guys:) Take care and have a happy Fathers Day!!!!! You Fathers DESRVE IT!!!!!!:)

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