Terava’s Jaakaripuukko – Good Knife or Bad Knife

What is the Finnish Terava Jaakaripuukko all about & is it a good knife or is it a bad knife backed up by hype? This video tests the knife to find out. Credits Photos …

8 thoughts on “Terava’s Jaakaripuukko – Good Knife or Bad Knife

  1. Life In The Taiga says:

    Very interesting, I didn't know this knife even existed, lol!!! Though it seems worthwhile! Sparks were a little disappointing, but aside from that it looks like a great performer. Makes my TOPS Fieldcraft look outdated

  2. jjdogbutte says:

    Great to see your knife reviews back. Thought ya got et by a bar or left AK…not sure which would be worse. I’m glad to recognize the creek in the background. Just got back home today from some training at Rabbit Creek.

  3. K Grimm says:

    Yeh I have the scrama and the long puukko. Put a slightly stropped back scandi on both and they perform w/o roll, even on seasoned cherry. The only complaint is that they smell kinda weird! Lol, butyric acid from manufacturing process? Anyhow good to see ya again…

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