Ten Year old Knife Prodigy! Insane Speed & Reflexes



Tre Vella wants to serve his country. He wants to fight for and protect the people. Already a national Karate champion and a regional Brazilian JiuJitsu champion …

27 thoughts on “Ten Year old Knife Prodigy! Insane Speed & Reflexes

  1. Rigard Radaghast says:

    That kid is gonna be the baddest muffucka his town ever made. His mom is never gonna get disrespected and if she does, it ain't gonna happen from the same person twice. "i like to fight I just like to fight." I said the same shit as a kid… Damn man. That muffucka made me smile with those words.

  2. Louise Valdez says:

    kid you got instinct try to practice defense and offense at the same time in kali mode thats the way of technic of our headhunters and the bird dancers i hope you will get that in practice the bird dancers is to connect on thee move that nobody could follow then the head hunters with instant kill or they called it one swipe dont come back this practice of our ancestors never put in sport because is too dangerous as a sport but thats how we practice of fighting to protect our tribes key code deefense and offense at the same time then finished it with second attack or third then go check your space and get yourself a picture your next move …

  3. Rob Welling says:

    It's a little disheartening to see so many people speaking with such negative authority towards an obviously skilled and dedicated 10 year old boy. Nowhere did anyone say this represents a "real knife/stick fight", but the skills learned within certainly do… and in 4.5 minutes of video there's no way one should assume to know the full extent of his training, his motivations, or his teacher's approach, skill and motivation as well.

    The fact he's come this far by age 10, when most kids are wrapped up in cell phones and video games, shows a level of maturity, dedication and skill that the many 10 year olds unfortunately don't seem to share. I think he deserves a lot of credit for that alone. He's a great kid, with a great support system, a healthy passion and some very knowledgeable instructors to help him along his path. Be happy for him. Encourage him (and others like him) to continue their training. There's a lot to be gained…. and always more to be learned. Except by those of you who seem to know it all already, of course 🙂

  4. Thomas Alamar says:

    Let me tell you this. When my teacher left for the year, the sub teach treated us like complete crap. I had the heart of a black belt and I was treated like a white belt. I knew past basic and I was put to start from scratch just because I couldn't pay for my lessons. Many ppl left. It was a handful of us that couldn't pay. New, fresh off the boat students were to train me and coach me. My dignity was stripped and my respect burnt to ashes. The new teach only inspired failure and many did leave and joined other schools. I stayed because I made a promise and for a year I tolerated this crap. I fonally left. The promise is over, I did what I had to do. I haven't trained in months. I kept talking about officially quitting or maybe just wait till I find something better. Now I see you, and you remind me of me when I started at the age of 13. Now with this video of you I just decided I can't quit. I always lied about why I practice, I always said "because of bullying." Nah, man. I want to learn to fight so that I may be ready in a life or death situation like a terrorist attack or home invasion, things of that nature. That's all it is, I love to fight. It's fun. As long as you fight for the right reasons. So thank you, I can't quit now, I'm only twenty years old. I'm gonna find a school that is worth my effort, not fraud. Sub calls us "clients" not students. They all do, grandmaster? Same story. Will give speeches about being proud and a good Martial Artist but if you pay them 3 grand or more, they'll give you whatever you want. I wanted to quit. Now, kid, you just told me not to. And I'll listen to you.

    I won't say the name of the school or teachers that I speak of. They are extremely famous in the MA world and chances are very high you'll say "I know them." Let me tell you now. IT'S BULLSHIT. They're even being watched for fraud according to a spy sent to watch them by the international association of that MA. So famous they are, every teacher in America of this MA knows them and it's bullshit. I used to say so many nice things about them and how of an awesome experience it is, but now I see the zeroes. Now I see thru the lies.

    One thing I always say, "be careful what you are taught and by whom." I learned that by watching this school. The only real person in this school that I know of is my teacher. Poor feller is brain washed, too. Anyways, thanks kid. Thanks Funker Tactical.

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