Ten Percent Live Fire: The Autonomic Nervous System & Firearms Training

The subcortical brain and the autonomic nervous system cannot distinguish between real and simulated events. How can this science help us improve where to …

12 thoughts on “Ten Percent Live Fire: The Autonomic Nervous System & Firearms Training

  1. NINJA FLIPPY says:

    Hello Funker Tactical! Thanks to your videos I have gathered the knowledge that I use in most of my videos! My channel has been created in 2012, and only has 49 suscriptors, but 112 videos, if I can help in anything, just tell me. I certainly have trained a lot.

  2. Chris Heath says:

    All of these comments have some validity. To what he is saying in the video autonomic systems took over when I was in the situation. I saw the guy go for his gun, I thought about drawing and then my front sight was center mass and I began pressing the trigger. Thought involved was minimal. “Oh Shit” at best.
    Perpetrators of crimes get shot in the back all the time. They run, they move they fight. You can plan on going to jail until the DA gets things figured out, and it will still show up on your NCIC. Save yourself a lot of trouble and try not to put yourself in a situation

  3. bladeimm says:

    It’s funny when guys get into their bosso profundo alpha voice and consent to being face-pushed when practicing with their toy guns. Machoing up doesn’t make the gun more effective. I think playing cops & robbers and feigning to be weaker because you’re playing the robber is funny, so is the false confidence of believing you have super powers you’re carrying a gun.

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