Ten Basic Knife Strikes in Philippine Martial Arts

In this exclusive Philippine martial arts video, Julius Melegrito takes you through the ten basic knife strikes for …

32 thoughts on “Ten Basic Knife Strikes in Philippine Martial Arts

  1. curtisb3000 says:

    This is nearly impossible to defend against because this guy keeps his lines and movements so tight. To try to parry his attack using empty hands you will probably still get cut and then open yourself to counter and reverse grip with a grab. The best thing to do against a experienced blade fighter is to RUN.

  2. Gerry Cooney says:

    Respect the knife, especially the concealment and speed of deployment and attack. If the knife attacker is within 30 feet, they will get to you before you can unholster and shoot them. Situational Awareness keeps you out of crowded areas.

  3. Ali Salami says:

    I have a question if anyone can help: fma is a general term, how similar are all the fma?; for exemple the sayoc system has a different knife pattern/count, the warrior's eskrima system too… so which one is this? how do we compare and choose from pekiti tersia, Doce pares, sayoc, atienza, balintok, Latosa, balintawak,Doug marcaida's style etc…

  4. Fritz Sedney says:

    which hand should the knife be in? the dominant hand or the other? Cause from boxing standpoint the dominant hand is in the back and the other is in front. It would be great to know, thank you.

  5. kostas obscure says:

    I'm fcs kali Trainee and sorry to say but you must not demonstrate these techniques in to the public here in youtube.These are very basics and have nothing special but they could be very dangerous if some no-brain idiot gets a knife and decide to "practice" in to a real people.There are so many assholes out there

  6. Frank F says:

    on the slash as well as any strike with a knife wouldn't it make more sense to use a hammer grip?Your thumb is going to give out if you hit bone . I modify my thumb if I want to put it on the spine of the blade by folding it over so it's perpendicular to the blade. it gives you that thumb control without your thumb being extended and weak.

  7. Harry Ramirez says:

    My fellow Eskrimadors, as observed by my master who happened to be a medical doctor for 40 years, most common knife injuries commonly came from only 4 angles of attack.. the number 1, 2, 5 and 12 strikes.

  8. BabuyKaKiller says:

    Fat old Yankee says run like hell for 30 steps, turn, and put 400 gn. Of hot soft lead if possible then run like hell for the same and repeat until no ammo or the Cops in th PI have put you down like a rabid dog. The further away from Cebu toward Mindinow the more I would crave a Remington marine magnum with a tonto point wire cutting bayonet. They glide threw body armore no sweat. I miss a good full bamboo cup of tubah … And the sweet sweet Philapinas. No finer woman on Earth. Damned Moros just are not happy unless they have a reason, but Islam? Won't be long before they have imam poles that have heads of those that thought they had won them over. Just ask Magellan the mans man of exploration.

  9. Jaime Flor says:

    These 10 knife strikes work great with a Filipino sword to. With my Ginunting, and Minasbad, which is noticeably heavier, I can make that slashing through air sound with almost all 10 strikes. Although with the Minasbad, I'm out of breath after 2 sets. Now that I have the muscles to hold them safely, and swing them properly, now I need to build up my overall endurance again.

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