Ted Lucaylucay Filipino Knife

Clips of the late Guro Ted Lucaylucay demonstrating a few Filipino knife drills. Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is …

13 thoughts on “Ted Lucaylucay Filipino Knife

  1. guroruss says:

    I was able to be part of this video in the beginning of the video I am playing Conga drums. when you here Guro Ted say I'm going have David and Russ, do the technique in this video the gentlemen, deleted the techniques we did this at the Huntington Beach school,Friday night Saturday I think it was year was 1986. two things happen when we were doing video, the Huntington Beach riots at the beach and the plane crashed into the neighborhood in Cerritos Ca, Aug 31 1986 that was Saturday

  2. Joseph Heller says:

    This is incredible history! We teach Maestro Ted's system under Maestro Leonard Trigg. If you're in Portland OR, look up The Source Academy and we'll hook you up. Guro Inosanto will be teaching a workshop here on October 2nd!

  3. stickman33 says:

    Good points about the best moves with the balisong are the simple ones. Angel Cabales used to say that the flashy moves risked dropping the knife when adrenaline kicks in under stress, better to just get it open then do what one has to do.

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