Over the weekend I took a Defensive Knife Class at the Tactical Defense Institute (TDI). The man who designed the TDI LEO knife that I carry, John Benner, was …

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  1. Andy Prariedog says:

    Keep at it. Classes of this type are always good to "have in the toolbox". People may say "you should have done this, you should have done that….blah, blah, blah". Everyone who has been in a streetfight knows…no situation is EVER the same and easy to critique. Good job in making yourself better by attending such classes.

  2. lloydmtz says:

    How many Martial Artist does it take to change a light bulb? 100…1 to change it…and 99 others telling him/her they're doing it wrong. NO ONE knows what they'll do when SHTF…such is life.

  3. MrLawrenceMcCue says:

    It would have been ok for to strike this dude after the 2 "get away from". As a police officer taking a report for this caper. With the aggressive nature of the suited guy and her intent to get away and not be bothered with him. Some knee strikes to the "balls" and a "V" strike to the throat would have been ok. No need for someone to have to wait to be attacked to defend yourself.

  4. Jon J says:

    Have you heard of the KISS method? Keep it simple stupid? Dont make elabrate plans on what to do. Work on one thing multiple times until it comes almost automaticly. If he puts his hands on you, first, either get them off or strike, (face, eyes or throat) next use one of billions of takedowns, for example, head compression, wherever the head goes, he will go. If you work on those things, you will be way ahead of the game when it comes to attacks

    Other than that Good Job and keep working it!

  5. Jon J says:

    The biggest thing you should work on is 1) NEVER EVER GET ON THE GROUND WITH YOUR OPPONENT!!! thats the biggest thing. If he is stronger than you, and he was, no offence, but your screwed. What you should work on are takedowns, without you going down with him. Once you take him down either one, get the hell away from him, or two, present your knife and keep him down (be careful with that though). You can also do a wrist lock to keep him down.

  6. Jon J says:

    I was watching your video, and i noticed a couple of things. I understand this video was filmed more than a year ago and you could have gotten more skill than this, but ill tell you what was right and what was wrong, in my point of view. A couple things that were good was 1) you didnt pull out the knife right away (pulling out a knife to early can lead to the arrest of you) 2) you never stopped fighting. Ill right the things you should work on in the next comment

  7. Carl Humphreys says:

    Hello Miss Lima,
    I'm glad to have found your 'channel'. I have grown children that I will share this
    as well as some of your other videos with.
    I enjoyed seeing the 'fight' in you come out against that attacker.
    Peace be with you,and may you never have a need to use your skills and instincts
    in a 'real' situation. Carl Sr.

  8. romeoneverdies says:

    i totally agree with the open arms thing never "give" your arms to your opponent thats like surrendering if you extend your arms let it be either punch/stab or grab him
    nothing else will be worth it . if you extend your arm he can get control of your entire body destabilizing you and moving you to his/her own whim.

  9. SFsc616171 says:

    Ms. Lima,
    Whatever this 'dorkimage1999' says, I would discount. It was you, and that huge padded 'thing', representing anybody's worst nightmare. You went into 'survival mode', even I could see that. As a slightly elder fellow, it will be 'survival mode', until I can't, no more! You did all you could. You gave back, in measure, and you got away, to go back to your family. That is success. It is the -GI- that has to endeavor, unto their death, NOT the civilian. Keep up the good work!

  10. Melody Lauer says:

    @limalife If I turned to run or crawl away he would have been on my back in milliseconds which was the last place I wanted to be. This was the same reason I did not try to turn and run when I kicked him away. I couldn't escape as fast as he could attack me. I needed to take him out of the fight long enough to where I KNEW I could get away. I had no other choice but to keep fighting.
    I'm seeking more H2H training to better my odds but there was nothing wrong with the teaching of this class.

  11. Melody Lauer says:

    @limalife I chose to keep my limbs close to my body because I had seen what he was capable of doing with extended limbs. Was that a wise choice? I don't know because I only got one chance at it. Third, you said I had a chance to get away at :28. You are simply wrong on that point. I was actively trying to get away. I did NOT want to fight him or stay in the fight any second longer than I had to. If I tried to escape without KNOWING I could do so I knew he would be on me again in a heartbeat. …

  12. Melody Lauer says:

    @TheWarriormage2000 First, This is only the second time in my life I have done anything like this (meaning full FOF starting from unarmed physical and not gun-centric). Second, I agree. I could have/should have done a preemptive strike. I didn't. That had nothing to do with any training of the day just my own error/decision based mostly upon what I had seen him do with the others he sparred with before me. Everyone who had tried to extend a limb toward him had it used against him. Continued….

  13. Michael Johnson says:

    His main strength: his size and physical strength vs yours. His main weakness: underestimating you. One of the hardest thing to remember in these scenarios is to get to safety whenever we can. It took me a while in real-world experiences to learn this. I say that because around 28 seconds, you could have disengaged and run to the blue mat, which was your safe zone. Again, a hard thing to remember in the heat of it. I learned to think of it as a strategic retreat. If he followed, well…

  14. Michael Johnson says:

    Your weaknesses? Your small size means you'll almost alway be smaller that a potential assailant. From this video I saw that you didn't know when he was in your striking zone (9-14 seconds). Backing up the way you did weakens your structure and make to strike less effective.What are your strengths? Your intelligence, adaptability, tenacity and the fact that potential assailants underestimate you because of your size and friendliness. All things I've seen in your videos.

  15. Michael Johnson says:

    @limalife I'll start this and finish later. As to your first question: He was in your striking range from roughly 7 – 14 seconds in when he was stalking you. Since his intention was apparent, a preemptive strike from you – eye gouge, heel palm to the chin, a knee to the groin, perhaps an elbow to the nose – was within the scope of SD. I need to say here that having assisted in many IMPACT classes for some 4 years, when I see the pads on I expect the "perp" to react when attacks are effective.

  16. Melody Lauer says:

    @TheWarriormage2000 You still haven't elaborated much. What else was I supposed to do? What are my strengths? How would you know them? How would you know his weaknesses? How do you know what's ineffective and what's not? Especially since my "attacker" was padded to the gills. I physically could not get to his eyes for eye-gouges, soft tissue around his neck and face or other vital places. You keep saying this was ineffective. How? Be specific. I'm willing to listen if you make a valid argument.

  17. Michael Johnson says:

    Bt the way, Lima, my name is Michael. I forgot to say that before.Warriormage2000 is part of my gmail account that I use to sign in. Besides, I personally hate hiding behind a web name. If I'm willing to speak my mind then I should also be will to do so under my own name.

    As to your question, I know this wasn't a h2h class, but the scenario started out that way. So you wound up using unarmed techniques that were ineffective against a much stronger. His strengths, your weaknesses. Hm. I should

  18. Melody Lauer says:

    @TheWarriormage2000 I'm really confused by this comment. Would you please elaborate? How was the situation playing to my weaknesses and his strengths? This was not a h2h class, btw.

  19. Michael Johnson says:

    I know this is only 50 seconds out of the training, Lima, but I think the training you received was inadequate. Having you go up against an "assailant" easily twice you size with that strategy will, indeed hospitalize you as you say, if not worse. The instructors should have had you play to your strengths and his weakness instead of vice versa. I think they did a disservice to you. 🙁

  20. fasfan says:

    I purchased one some time ago to wear on duty. It straps to my ankle… because at the time I thought that would be a good place to have one. After wearing it.. I realize I need another one closer within reach for wear on my duty belt.

  21. fasfan says:

    @ENDCOMESSOON Mindset is a major factor in surviving an attack. These types of scenarios, while biased toward the student, help install a sense of self confidence which will be VERY important if the time ever comes that they have to do this for real. Nobody knows what they are truly capable of until the time actually comes for real. There's no reason she WOULDN'T be able to take a strong man down like she did in this video if her life depended on it.

  22. bladeimm says:

    Were you using the TDI stock sheath (which I found to be junk) or the Onscenetactical one (which, when you go to their website, at least appears to be debunked for sometime)? Do you have a current contact # for Onescenetactical you could forward?

  23. JaysoutFishin says:

    @limalife Dont listen to him, I watch all yur vids, and I am confident that you are strong enough mentally/physically to take down an attacker that size(if one were to present himself)

  24. ArmaRes says:

    Great knife. I keep it on my support side. I was in one of my shooting courses and the Range Master was going threw different options. I kept one uping him. For example: He pulled out this chunky surefire with 90luments…I pulled out my lipstick sized Nitecore EX10 R2 140lumen flashlight, he had a cheepo liner lock 3" blade…I pulled out my Benchmade Axis assisted release 580 barrage, Then he said it didn't do anygood in my pocket. So quickly I unholsted my TDI, He did not expect that!

  25. Melody Lauer says:

    @mcdaveo22 If this were real he would have wiped the floor with me. I would have done my best and I couldn't tell you the final outcome but it probably would have involved a hospital trip.

  26. Melody Lauer says:

    @ENDCOMESSOON There's no illusion about it. I have done enough of these to know that my chances or winning in a hand to hand conflict with a larger man are slim to none, especially if I have no weapon at all. And of course I use and advocate awareness but any training would be incomplete without some hand to hand instruction to at least minimally increase my odds.

  27. FarvaLaw50 says:

    I like! The only thing I may have done different was use a little more aggression in the strikes from the top-but that's more a product of my individual training than anything else. We're taught to take the mount and throw elbows (no punches, so as to preserve the hands in case we hit the weapons use tier on the force continuum.), Of course. that's just our particular training, our focus is neutralize the threat, then scan for more, then escape.

    You kicked several forms of ass here, Lima!

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