Taurus TH-9 Unboxing | Budget 9mm



A quick overview of what comes in the box. Taurus TH-9 | 9MM If you have any questions please leave them in the comments. Thanks SK.

41 thoughts on “Taurus TH-9 Unboxing | Budget 9mm

  1. William Hamlin says:

    The round indicator is the very slim piece above the extractor, what you are showing is the pin that holds that assembly together. I have rather large hands, put wanted to try the different back-straps. I found that the small fells better, and more secure in your hand. Your doing great, we never knew we we;re all going to be on TV(to a degree)

  2. BERETTA9mmUSA says:

    I like the looks of this. I need to Review more Taurus Products like this on our Channel. Thank-you for doing this Video Review. How did it shoot? Any malfunctions with this Taurus Pistol in the first 200 rounds? Keep up the good work Sir!
    Beretta Sr.

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