Taurus G2c 9mm – The Best $200 Carry Gun? Range Test and Review



Is the Taurus G2c the best $200 carry gun on the market? Watch our full range test and review and find out for yourself! • Find all of our links here: …

22 thoughts on “Taurus G2c 9mm – The Best $200 Carry Gun? Range Test and Review

  1. Trill William says:

    I have this same carry and I honestly love it. It’s cheap and super reliable. It’s a must buy if you want a good gun and don’t want to spend a lot. First hand gun I ever bought and still gets to be the daily carry sometimes.

  2. StillAReal1 says:

    They sell guns in the US for as low as $200 ? Jesus Chris man. No wonder there is so many shootings there. Almost every home robbery where the owner is out town is certain to have a gun in the hands of criminal because the odds of finding one in someone house is high. Yikes! The documentary they showed over hear in Canada is true. People are going into the US where they have people buying these guys for them for as low as $200 and they’re sealing it into the country after removing the serial number and then selling here for $4000 To $5000 because guns basically illegal here. They’re making way more than these gun store owners in the US. The Cheapest guns in the US is $4000 Here The least.

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