Tanto – The Japanese Fighting Knife

The tanto — or Japanese self-defense knife — comes in all shapes and sizes. In this video American blade smith Walter Sorrells gives an overview of this blade …

29 thoughts on “Tanto – The Japanese Fighting Knife

  1. power tymer says:

    A tanto does not curve on the edge and a wakasashi is mor comly 13 to 18 inches and at that point is considerd a large dagger or a short shord here in this viseo u se a japanese take on a midwest drop point

  2. The Happy Gamer says:

    you're not only AMAZING at making all kind of knives and small swords, you're also pretty good at editing, and inform us about good ways to sharpen a knife or just choose the right steel for the project. Thanks for that, man!

  3. Some Guy says:

    often overlooked item the old tanto, great video 😀
    I kind of like to carry a smaller version of that on my person if I'm out anywhere on foot, (guns aren't a common thing here) never had to use it, touch wood, never will, I just feel better having it, kind of a "just in case" thing, which I guess is why they were made to begin with.
    So, I guess you'd know a lot more about this than I would, a lot of factory knives call the angled chisel tip a "tanto tip", but was that really a common thing? or did they tend to have the more rounded point you showed?
    I guess it could change over time like any other fashion.
    Also, given that carrying around something the size of a Bowie knife is likely to get you strange looks in the modern era, how small do you think a blade could be and still be considered a tanto?
    What makes a tanto a tanto for that matter?

  4. Eter Tsin says:

    japanese katana knife have a good advance , as katana was beautiful knife in the world . many man japan army behead 500,000 chinese head in the WW2. it is true , some day beheading 2,000 chinese head cut off in nanking 30 days massacre.

  5. elgostine says:

    a point also to be noted is that in the first few hundred years in the battlefield days of japan, the tanto, like daggers in europe were essential to samurai wakizashi on the other hand were not typically carried onto the field, it ewas simply the sword, whether tachi or uchigatana, and tanto.. the dagger was essential for samurai in particular since a lot of combat between armoured fighters very often will turn into a contest of grappling and dagger fighting to pierce the gaps between, and areas not covered by the armour (we also see an almost identical tradition of armoured dagger fighting in the knightly combat manuals in europe

  6. Master Kogan says:

    you are well spoken,,,,thank you.

    may i ask,,? i love the japan contemporary style,,, dha,,,or berma type,,,wood handle and reedtype cord , ,,copper,,at handle

    i love the feeling of this type,,,,,reason is very light in hand contoured to body and also used two at a time,,
    wave pattern stamped , ,,,

    i have three but one is perfect in every way for me 6ft 218lbs man
    ,,,, can you tell me about other type swords,,,or short sword types that are super light and strong?
    please visalia ca

  7. Anglo Spanish Racing says:

    I hope my next tanto looks half as good as one of those. Actually I'll be overjoyed if it doesn't crack when quenched, which is what happened to the last two…
    I've been studying tanto a lot recently and while there are lots of different blade styles, but they do seem to mostly have a fairly constant width to length ratio. To my eye at least.

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