TANTO JUTSU -The Art of Knife Handling, Manouvering, footwork, & tactics -Techniques

In the world of knife attacks and defense,Tanto jutsu focuses on the mechanics of knife handling. This incorporates all of the essentials components of knife …

44 thoughts on “TANTO JUTSU -The Art of Knife Handling, Manouvering, footwork, & tactics -Techniques

  1. Ken Kennington 9k says:

    the movements are okay, but its not practical to finger grip a knife as you maneuver between slashes. youll just graze the person or do nothing at all. a knife fight is not like a sword, gun or fists, its much harder to train for a knife fight. these moves are just flashy, not effective.

  2. jeffcon123 says:

    Ya so like real fight they ain't gonna stop they make it look lillike yep do this hand motion to this hand motion but man he may know how to guard or fight back and it will be a much different story

  3. Paul Ewing says:

    No knife attacker lunges forward with a single thrust. Most stabbing are where the knife is concealed, the attacker walks up and uses rapid stabbing movements. This fellow is depicting a totally unrealistic scenario.

  4. Logan Doughty says:

    Your indexing is smooth. Very fluid…I like it. In Arnis, we index with "snap"…and to change style or potential attacks. Indexing at contact distance (in my system) is a no-no, simply because I might drop my weapon since my opponent will be moving unpredictably, or attempting a disarm. When we have the protective gear on and things are moving fast, I wouldn't index unless there was a "lull" or some distance. That said–there is material here I have never seen. Very interesting.

  5. Tim Herrmo says:

    The problem is: Yes, maybe his defenses are realistic against these attacks. But the attacks themselves are NOT. The attacks are kind of very static. You won't find this in street fight!

  6. James Roselle says:

    Hello.. Well, i was actually looking for Sensi Hayford on the Internet… found something that made me remember him..  He was the most amazing instructor I ever had… and it was just a weekend seminar that my school in Baltimore had come up for… in 1988/89.. was wondering if he had ever recorded any of his classes like this… but of course, like my own school.. it is now in the past. Chin-Jitsu Dojo in Baltimore, with Sensi Will Daniels.. (also passed now)  

  7. bennubird0 says:

    Yes indeedy brother Karim I agree with you. I will be purchasing this dvd asap. Then I will follow up by purchasing volume 2. Thank you for the wisdom in using the knife technique brother Karim.

  8. gb23 says:

    Well knives I don't want to play with. You can't teach someone a lesson with a knife, all you'll do is kill them. I prefer to teach lessons. If I fight, want the opponent to learn.

  9. Nick Hentschel says:

    "The best way to survive a knife fight, is to never get in one." – Major Kira Nerys, DS9

    I think that ANY style's greatest master would agree with that sentiment; the rest is just details.

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