Tale of the Three Blades, Survival on the Cheap Revisited



(annotations pending) Direct Links to buy these knives … Byrd Cara Cara, FRN Handle: …

19 thoughts on “Tale of the Three Blades, Survival on the Cheap Revisited

  1. cyclist01222 says:

    You are so right! Not many knife buyers understand that companies make a killing on overcharging for slightly better steel that is way over hyped and marketed. Yes, VG-10 is a bit better than 8Cr13Mov but not 25 bucks worth. I would buy the Byrd every time and I have. On clearance for 15 bucks… can't beat it! Nice vid!

  2. ZombieTactics says:

    @Kenjutsumasters Yep, the Endura4 is a perennial favorite. Of course now they came out with all of those COLORS … it's like they saw me coming or something. Take a good look at the Cara Cara series though … a very good, similar knife for quite a bit less.

  3. MonsterHorrorBoy says:

    That 8cr13mov steel is is great, holds its edge well and sharpens easy! also very prone to rust, gotta keep it oiled . Thanks for the great video and hope to see more vids from you soon!

  4. Littlejon126 says:

    ZT, another excellent video! I'm glad that you're out there keeping an eye on the prices and keeping us fellow armed survival-types informed! I've purchased a Cara Cara and subjected it to some work/abuse that would make the Cold Steel "Proof" videos look comforting to a blade! The edge holds really nicely, even through making feather sticks and other wilderness tasks. All in all, it's a rock solid knife.

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