TAKEN Fighting Style | Fight Scene Breakdown

Hey FIT-GAMERS, In this particular Fight Scene Breakdown, we are taking a look at a very quick sequence in the movie Taken. This one was hard to see …

30 thoughts on “TAKEN Fighting Style | Fight Scene Breakdown

  1. TheDEATHHIT says:

    Damn such quick thinking! Awesome video!
    Joey I have a very important question (has nothing to do with the video), I would love if you could answer. I have always been VERY passionate about learning ninjitsu but I can't EVER
    find a goddamn place to learn, its such a rare martial art its not even fun searching so much. The question is, is it a viable martial art? Is it something to go for so much? Because I don't see many martial arts I identify with such as ninjutsu. And last, would you recommend any other martial art that I could find that would fit that style?


    I realized that martial arts is not all that fancy modes you see in the movies, any form of fighting techniques can get messy. I love the movie taken with Liam neeson. Yes martial arts can work in a street fight it just depends on the person. I had to used a couple of techniques in a actual fight but I remember a couple of those techniques I try to used has failed. I know a lil bit of aikido, jeet kune do, panantukan and 52 blocks but I try to mixed it up with other techniques. I just like to mixed stuffs up but good video Joey.

  3. Gabriel Mann says:

    I have been wondering how he does this move for years and it turns out that's all Brian was doing man because of the camera angle and the lighting I thought a lot more was going on thank you so much for breaking this down and by the way if you are going to be doing John Wick soon I know what fighting styles Keanu Reeves was trained in for the role and he is trained in the same martial arts in the second movie as well the exact same ones I can tell you if you want me to or if you want to figure it out for yourself that's fine as well whenever you're ready to do John Wick or if you announce it in one of videos I can tell you in the comments if you like well that if you don't already know what he does

  4. kiba vlood says:

    Joey please please please do this move it starts from 1:29 to 1:32, the move was considered so dangerous that it was banned in judo competitions and even practicing it along is so dangerous that it might lead to knee injury if not practiced properly even ankle injury. However with careful supervision it can be done flawlessly,
    Here is the video explained by a master that its dangerous.
    I understand if its way to dangerous but my curiosity got the better of me,
    Safe health to everyone, much love and thank you for everything.

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