19 thoughts on “Take the knife away – Hybrid Aikido

  1. Joe Mamma says:

    Excellent technique! I learned a few of these from a Kool Sul Won Master many years ago, but of course have no clue anymore. These are what you want to know to be able to protect yourself from a mugger or madman. Perhaps they can be slowed down a bit so we can see the technique, as the Master here moves very quickly. Thank you.

  2. erick3e says:

    these techniques are good in theory, in real time they have to be performed with perfect timing and skill and wait til the attacker is distracted for a split second because with the tiniest movement the knive can slice u open even if the attacker doesnt move it

  3. The Josh Miller Channel says:

    I like these techniques, but I don't understand why they would throw he knife away. What if there were multiple attackers and one of them picked up the knife? I'd keep it, once I take it away, they don't deserve to have it, and I certainly would not give anyone else achance to grab it. I'd hold on to it, until I felt it was safe to dispose of it.

  4. Lightseeker says:

    True, but you have to gain control of the weapon. Use bone breaks or pressure points to control after counters and keep a firm grip, if not letting go of one person to face more. That is the downfall of MMA, they ignore being attacked by more than one person when on the ground.

  5. CubaLibre says:

    All of these techniques take the defender to the ground, at least to his knees. That's never a position you want to be in on the street. Your attacker might have a buddy you don't see.

  6. Ben noneofyourbeeswax says:

    Most attackers don't even know how to hold the knife properly, its suppose to be an full grip with the knife edge facing outwards, tip facing down for that quick "stab & twist". 98% of attackers will hold it "Westside story" style lulz.
    "An cornered anmial is one that fights the firecest of them all" – Mao Zhe Dong

  7. TAE KWON DO says:

    You have a lot of shit to say. Get the fuck of the computer that train for 10 or so years then talk shit. Or better yet go to any reputable Martail Arts school and challenge the main instructor. Just to prove you back-up your loud mouth.

  8. Dimitar Dimitrov says:

    Yes but in that case the prisoners will kill him becase they have nothing to loose. Never stand against ragging enemy unless if is unavoidable. One without arm extending cuting strike and he is finished. Against friend on training is one, against fearless have nothing to loose ragging enemy is another thing. This guy just stand still like a frozen scarecrow. But the real enemy will not be frozen. Never fuck with the ragging enemy. as night02 say better risk wallet than life

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