Taiwan Lightning OTF Automatic Switchblade Pocket Knife Review. Also combat training.



Are you looking for an advanced knife to add to your cheap knife collection? Do you want to be the ultimate advanced knife bro? Do you need a dagger …

45 thoughts on “Taiwan Lightning OTF Automatic Switchblade Pocket Knife Review. Also combat training.

  1. Revelations 23 HOEP says:

    heh…sweet brother…sweet…found you on amazon looking for a powerful green led flashlight or headlight etc…i like to film mine security operative call sign "wolfenstein" as he galavants the dark backyard typically after he gets hees thorough brushing to wake up hees nervous system proper…yeh…wolfenstein indeed is a siberian forest cat weighing in at 23 lbs but athletic as all hell…dude grabbed heem a flying squirrel if you can believe it…i didnt know flying squirrels was in NC but yep it had dem wings and all and wolfboy went up da tree and grabbed one…anyways why am i talking about wolfenstein on a switch review?….im hoeping the siberian referance made the butthead lightbulb break ova ya dome…im talking the john malcovich movie where he play the siberian clan elder…name?..but yeh real cool flick and its malcovichian afterall tya know…plus the eyeball specialist from minority report has a role in it and he is always awesome…wood chipper dude from fargo…anyways ilearnt the siberian clans when a youth come to age…the elder present heem with a PROPER swicth…so im wonde4ring since you a knife specilazer what not…you ever heard of siberian switches as in clan rite of passage kines?…mine first experience with an otf was the shrade from budk…i got the one with a proper swicth button not the cheaper one you have to engage the damn slide…heh…got the viper too but that thing was nasty it bit me pretty bad…some blade on that mufucka let me tell you…anyways i still have the shrade and its still at full speed and force after hundreds of switchings…as you know of course it is a loop hole switch not double action which really makes me laugh ya know…wtf…its legal to haev one that shoots out business end per se but if it can be retracted oh bwoy thats pushing it …heh…america and its legal elasticity…officer this is america you cannot technically break a law…only bend a law as laws are elastic by defifnition…son do you haev any drugs in yourn car…heh…ok imma sum up…im real pleased to have found yourn site…very natural flow and i appreciate it…too many forced channels in the sense its about that link money or patreon money…i know a dude has to huxle but dont have it front and center ya know…final thought back to the lumintop you reviewed on amazon…yeh imma grab up the lumintop medical but what im really seeking is a powerful green light since wolfenstein dont mind green at all…ive tried so many headlamps…ball cap ty6pes from streamlight the bandit which the cobb is cool but the damn thing dont last for shit and im sick of pluggin it in all the time…but again even cobb dont cut it when you film criitters etc…they cool with green and truth be told i prefer green too….pretty calming like the NC borealises…maybe get me ready for proper southern borealis as im about to brave the 7 seas and re situate in fiordland park south island NZ…town of dunedin where otago college is will serve as the new ops base for the HOEP foundation…id like to try other wave lengths too like purple but im guessing they might get pricey…i love lasers too but anyways for now if you can suggest a GREAT green light beam device thast what im seeking…now…i did just get a headlight with green/red/strobe….takes 3 aaa…which btw ty for letting me know about dem rechargable batteries vs alkalines…major difference!…but this headlight although pretty good power is prett damn bulky as you can imagine taking 3 aaa and having all de options…the streamlight bandit is the opposite…super light and sleek but out the battery in 30 minutes on high…yey i seek middle ground and strictly green so as to reduce etc etc etc….im done…oscar mike mike cause Lord i got to keep on moving where i cant be found!…

  2. Bruce McIntyre says:

    Your Kung Fu is strong.
    In your studied opinion, will the inclusion of this vicious carnivore knife in my EDC increase my chances with low self-esteem middle-aged women who tend to be my prey? In other words, if I bust out one of those bad boyz to spear the olive out of my date's martini, will her panties end up wadded on my unkempt bedroom floor?

  3. jacob manalang says:

    pbr, lightning otf, enough money for a fifth, joint in the pocket YUP LOL. the black one i had didnt wear too bad. actually showed less wear than my microtech ultratech but maybe thats because my lightning was black and my microtech is blue?

    are you in a gang? a small one….LOL!

    did you have to tighten the screws up on yours? mine would ftf sometimes so i took it apart, then put it back together and it didnt ftf or fail to close. gave it to a buddy who bought me a bottle for my bday. good trade off

  4. Eddie King says:

    Billy Bob's school of ninjitsu. Seriously though, these things are addictive. Just bought the plain edge with desert tan handle. No femoral arteries were harmed during the making of this video 🙂

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