Tai jutsu is a term for Japanese martial arts techniques that rely on a science of body movements. Taijutsu is merely a term to describe unarmed combat. It is prevalent in a number of Budo…


  1. Western Sunrise says:

    So what's the difference between Taijitsu and Jiujitsu, is there any? Is the former fighting techniques whilst the latter was battlefield specific fighting techniques? While I'm here what's your opinion on Brazilian jiujitsu?

  2. Dan Iacobescu says:

    What I like about this school is that the training is realistic. The students put up resistance against the ones who must perform the techniques. That's how ALL martial arts schools must train their students if they want to really prepare them for real life, dangerous situations.

  3. Neil St says:

    BAD ASS!! In 2 days I will join my brother in training at his dojo, he also studies Tai Jitsu and i wanted to see what it looked like. I'm really hyped after watching this.

  4. Marcus Fairfax says:

    They're jealous that you can make wonders using minimal force whilst they're still wondering why their "MMA" Isn't working against an armed attacker -.-" To put it politely… Loved the video, excellent martial arts here!!!

  5. karim1950 says:

    Say what you want, my student don't feel sorry,I'm actually deflecting your arrogance,you have some nerve,to which it own you're not of my world so get a life and leave mines alone!

  6. shadowman45810 says:

    the arrogance in that statement says alot about your character. I have trained and achieved a master level rank in Ninjutsu myself so I know a little about what I'm talking about, I have fought in several battles in the United States Marine Corps all over this world so when I speak of combat you should chose to listen because I better than most understand combat. I was merely commenting on the breathing in my first post you took it all wrong but after your comments I understand why now, goodbye

  7. karim1950 says:

    I'm not being defensive,I'm making my point based on my experience and responding to criticism not input.Some people tend to lecture me about what they think doesn't work,when they have no idea what will work and what doesn't.They don't have that ability to know what will work,especially when it comes to my system,I and my students know first hand what works for us.So that's why I dismiss the criticism and accept positive input and I will be the judge of that determination!

  8. shadowman45810 says:

    do you always get so defensive when people try to help you? of course i'm an outsider making a comment isn't that why we martial artist post videos on youtube to get feedback from outside perspectives?

  9. karim1950 says:

    I realize that but what I'm saying you are commenting as an outsider,I'm more concern with what works for me and my students and i have been taught by a superb Teacher and like I said,the system has been battled tested and that all that matters to me!

  10. shadowman45810 says:

    thats all fine and well but thats not what i see here I was only commenting on what you have posted and whats being shown in the video. I also have over 3 decades in the martial arts and have trained with masters all over the world and now I'm the guy traveling internationally to teach others. Don't be offended by my comment it was only meant as a new perspective not as an insult 🙂

  11. karim1950 says:

    My friend I have 45yrs experience been teaching for 35yrs,these students, especially the advance ones are no way tired or exhausted,they go through rigirous training without any gaps with no problem.I'm with these students and they have no problem with breathing.I teach Chi-Gong and Tai Chi and external and internal science to my students,they are well grounded!

  12. shadowman45810 says:

    Fun to watch, I would like to point out though, that everyone seems to be breathing very hard when finished, perhaps focus more on technique and principles because when you are old you are not going to be able to use muscle and speed to win. Just a thought 🙂

  13. Elio Rose says:

    The difference between Taijutsu 体 術 and Ninjutsu 忍 術 is that Taijutsu is meant to be empty handed full contact, where Ninjutsu is generally weapons based, tactical or unconventional combat.

    Literal Translations:
    'tai' 体 – Body
    'nin' 忍 – [top] 'yaiba' 刃 edge of blade, [bottom] 'kokoro' 心 heart
    'jutsu' 術 – style

  14. Elio Rose says:

    The main reason people doubt these systems is because videos online are for demonstration or instructional purposes. In real situations nobody, including people who aren't trained, will stop what they're doing so you can finish your technique. These moves are for muscle memory, so IF your in a real situation you can instantly react or be able to see and exploit an opportunity much faster and more efficiently than if you were sparring with a teammate that you DON'T want to hurt.

  15. Southie says:

    I am narrow minded and think most martial arts is BS but this actually looks believable . I think that you guys using different more unscripted attacks make it look very realistic . Nice techniques and you opened my eyes a little . Thank you

  16. karim1950 says:

    Kempo or Kenpo is a term that means the way of the fist that comes from the Chinese Martial Art Chuan Fa.The Japanese style of the use hand strikes varies base on style and system.Base on research the term Kempo was use in earlier period of Japanese Martial Art by Samurai and Shinobi to express Taijutsu,unarmed combat.

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