Taichi KNIFE Fighting – Raw Combat Japan (英語:日本語)

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25 thoughts on “Taichi KNIFE Fighting – Raw Combat Japan (英語:日本語)

  1. Christian Etheridge says:

    My dad and uncle did a lot of tai chi and i learnt some chi gong off a close student of michal tsi (think thats how you spell it) but i really wish i could learn self defence from a sifu like you man. Chi gong was good but its more for medicinal purpose and no one where i live teachs high grade self defence. Do u traveling tutorials or do you just stay in japan?

  2. nathan GQ says:

    hey luke love wat your doing, i never get bored watching your videos.
    keep up the good work!! btw great japanese.. cheers.
    put your hands up for sydney i love this city:)

  3. trev knott says:

    @Fishpigg outside the training gym there is alway a chance of being cut but what would u rather happen 1 defend urself n get cut on the arm ect or 2 get stabbed by a prick who doesnt know much if anything about the body and where vital organs r i would rather option 1 myself at least that way ur offering what they will cut ie ur arm less chance of die-ing if u get cut on the arm

  4. Marshal Hewitt says:

    the symbol tells me all i need to know. much respect. coming to california anytime soon? i would love to train with you or one of your students. I come from shotokan/boxing/wrestling/wing chun/BJJ/ background (in that order). most extensive training in wing chun and bjj (at 5'6", what do you expect? lol). i'm actually almost (but not quite) exclusively doing qigong/neidan internal alchemy and tai ch'i right now. once you're aware of surroundings and can quickly close/take centerline, that's it.

  5. kaindrg says:

    u flow better then most elderly practitioners like in ur big buddha tai chi. also i wwas wondering about the origins of silate ifu could shed some light on it

  6. taiji218 says:

    Very nice.

    I'm a bit confused though… is this coming out as a DVD, and if so, when? What are the details of the online course, i.e. signup, fees, etc.?

    Enquiring minds want to know! 🙂

  7. Raw Combat International - Official says:

    Caught out?? Sorry I don't understand… can you be more specific?? If you mean bashed or jumped, then shit yeah! I've worked on the doors for ages and been sucker punched whilst distracted or from the side/behind etc.. Not afraid to admit that nor get my arse kicked.

  8. Ross MItchell says:

    Great info i find your videos very useful as i am a martial arts teacher myself i have not been lucky enough to yet study anything like aikido or similar yet but your videos help when i am trying to learn new skills, since i have a good basic understanding of locks holds arm bars ect, it helps when i watch your knife disarms.

    Do you have a tour you will be doing in the UK?? if so when are the dates??

    Many Thanks

  9. Raw Combat International - Official says:

    You dont have to say sorry mate, I have had my wrist cut! years ago by a junkie at 2am in a dark street, and you know what… I learnt big time from that big time! But not being there I can understand it is hard for you to see what we are doing.. And the fact that this becomes very dirty simulation training…

  10. Raw Combat International - Official says:

    No problem. I have been putting together a big collection of our simulation and response training, im glad you can see that this is very basic and is meant for the outderstanding of mechanics. If you train this it becomes natural, most simply think too much and freeze in the begining of Response & Simulation prac.. but like in this vid, I drum it into my guys! So they are getting the hang of it 🙂

  11. Mngnt says:

    I appreciate very much the technique used here, and am striving to use it in the self-defense courses I teach. I have however difficulties as soon as the "aggressor" is speeding up and is getting out of the usual patterns. Would you be kind enough to post a video with a demo at normal speed (both aggressor and defender acting at realistic speed) so that I can try and see what I am doing wrong? Thank you anyway for your outstanding videos…

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