TAI CHI vs Knife Attack

Tai Chi or Tai Chi Chuan is actually pronounced Tai Ji or Tai Ji Quan. Tai Chi is an incredible activity for fitness, moving meditation, and longevity. Don’t forget …

44 thoughts on “TAI CHI vs Knife Attack

  1. Daniel Ryslink says:

    Horrible. No experienced knife fighter attacks like that – they lead the attack with the free hand, and attack with the knife only after they grabbed you, perforating your torso dozens of times before you can blink. This is pure fantasy and will get you killed.

  2. Astroblaze the Reality Traverser says:

    Guys, be smart with your comments! He's intentionally moving slowly so you can see what he's doing! In addition, these are baseline moves — in a real fight, I bet he would not only move faster, but use variations of these basic movements in order to fend off anything the attacker tries to pull.

  3. charlie mashara says:

    It is easy for a knife to cut someone if someone doesn't do an application right.  People can easily conceal them.  They can easily use them when they initiate a grapple.

  4. Marco Rocchio says:

    With this method, when you "down-block" the forearm, the block will slide into the crook of the elbow, allowing the attack and knife to continue forward – stabbing the victim or slicing the arms. Do Not Use This "Technique" in any way, shape or form.

  5. Marco Rocchio says:

    Oh My God!!!! NO NO NO NO. This is 100% wrong. Give your opponent a big felt pen. Then try this "technique" at full speed. If you have any black marks on you, you're dead. The best defenses against a knife are: Run, Avoid and Run. If escaping is not a possibility, there are true, viable defenses against a knife attack – this is NOT one of them. @jakemace: You're a very good athlete. Please study a martial art with a real, qualified teacher. Stop lying to people who think this farce is any kind of viable martial art.

  6. West Sayi says:

    Yes this works perfectly on a guy standing absolutly still and dosent resist While you doing this move in slowmotion. But in reality this will NEVER EVER work against a knife attacker. I can se you clearly have never been in a Streetfight or in a self defense situation so stop teaching things you don't know a shit about!!!

  7. The Physicality Channel says:

    This is based on solid principles for that type of knife attack. However, while the first step is somewhat reliable (blocking with crossed arms), what happens next depends on attacker's reaction, and it would be beneficial to stick with the more general principle of "sticking to the knife hand, maintaining control and going with the flow", rather than a specific static finish.

  8. Mike Miller says:

    This is not good or safe knife work. Check out Russian systema for great knife work. Jake it silly and unsafe to teach this nonsense. You should never stand in front need to move body out of way. Rooster lmao. You're the rooster, get it.

  9. Mad Hound says:

    sorry but a real knife attack would not look like that, a real attacker will not stand still and let you manipulate them they will be pulling away and using both arms atleast

  10. Mat Broomfield says:

    Jake I appreciate the technique, but do you really think that solo forms practice, let alone slow motion practice of an idealised version really improves your delivery, or could it even in fact, diminish your real world effectiveness by conditioning you to move without urgency?

  11. Warai says:

    Try doing it full speed, I think it would pass more credibility to someone that possibly in the future might be attacked by knife and then you save a life…

  12. Verithiell says:

    If you watch knife assaults videos, you will start to dobut whether it will work. Basically, there are a few problems. Namely, the attacker usually attacks with his whole body, he'll try to slam you against the wall, to the ground, wahtever. Stoping his hands wont stop the attack. Moreover, it's usually a surprise attack so… Anyways, if you really want to learn how to defend against knife attacks (which probably isnt even possible) then your best bet are historical european manuals. BAck in the day daggers and knives were commonly used, so they really had to learn how to defend.

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