Tai Chi Application for Self-defense Fight in Chen taiji 1

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49 thoughts on “Tai Chi Application for Self-defense Fight in Chen taiji 1

  1. Four Owls says:

    THe reason I came here is that I have been a student of Dr.Yang Jwing Ming but all his martial applications always begins from a student holding 2 hands (push hands apps) and no straight, jabs or hook punch defences at all! Driving me nuts that after hours of his DVD instruction (I am an experienced martial artist and confident enough to train alone now due to time schedule) I still don't know what he would do against a couple of fast punches!!

  2. LN says:

    So Master Tsao, is it just that you guide your opponent to his fall or is there more to it? When you do push, how do you redirect their energy?

  3. davedetrick says:

    I wish I know what was being sung in the intro, but mixing it with a display of various self defense motions is a charming little intro. Still, as a man who practices Tai ch,i (mostly from dvds, so I suck at it) I love the feel of it.

  4. Yun Bairong says:

    @Billionaire91VN hey man im vietnamese too but i dont think we should be biased on martial arts. most martial arts are derived from china so i dont think you should say what is best and what isnt.

  5. Cruelty1633 says:

    A full body strike with TJQ must break bones and shatter organs, otherwise it was done incorrectly or with defense in mind. Thus TJQ in MMA would be illegal to use if successful and ineffective if unsuccessful in destroying the foe.

  6. I.C. Miller says:

    @Hastalamangousta ….it is because of the fact that i only have a few ways to defend myself using only boxing as my fighting style which is why this tai chi caught my interest,giving me the chance to learn a "full self defensive style" which allows me to defend myself using more than just blocking or dodging…I for one will be honored to adopt a defensive style as awesome as this into my fighting routine giving me a perfect balance of assault and defense as "my fighting style"……….

  7. I.C. Miller says:

    @Hastalamangousta lol…he defines it as "real life"…….I do not completely agree with your logic on this one because we all have our own fighting styles when we face an opponent whether it is on television or on the streets.I for one am a street fighter that studied boxing and no i did not take lessons at a gym nor did i have a personal teacher…all of my fighting skills are self taught studying and teaching myself on how to defend myself that is centered in one fighting style "boxing"…..

  8. ScrewedScientists says:

    the thing is that nobody would go into MMA with self-defense skills…Theres a difference between self-defense and actual fighting.

    In a UFC ring, you are coupled with fighters of your weight, size, and sex. And you are stuck in a ring with gloves, mouth guard, referee, etc.

    In real life, the aggressor could be of any size with any weapon. I think that in these cases, self-defense martial arts such as TJQ is more useful.

  9. dust says:

    @frontstance Yeah, the man himself is a big part of it – his talent/natural ability, as well as experience (in practice and in real fights), and a few other elements. But if a TJQ student fights 10 different wrestlers, each one of those fights should be interesting to watch, because of the fighter *and* the martial art they use.

    And I think that it's a shame that, if Taijiquan is really the great fighting style it's supposed to be, very few TJQ students have broken into Western MMA…

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