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How to use Red Dot Optics on Pistols | Tactical Rifleman

Red dots are becoming more and more popular as both the prices are coming down and manufactures are making the slides ready to add a red dot sight. In this …

Escrima Stick Fighting Techniques For Beginners.

Escrima Stick Fighting / I’m going to be going over some escrima stick fighting techniques to help you get started learning escrima at home. Specifically, I’m …

Black Belts Self-Defense Techniques – Knife Defense #3

EMA Taekwondo Black Belts One-steps / Self-defense Techniques. These specific skills are required for our 2nd Degree Black Belts and up.

Jendo Knife-Fighting Form-5

A Jendo Knife-fighting techniques known in the Philippines as the Abaya knife-fighting system formulated by Grandmaster Jonathan “June” Makiling Abaya of …

American Kenpo Karate Techniques (Jamie Seabrook, 5th Degree Black – 2004)

Here is some old footage of me performing many American Kenpo self-defence techniques on Matt Trejo. I was a 5th Degree Black Belt at the time and was …

How to Defend with a Blunt or Bladed Weapon | Close Combat Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

When utilizing a blunt &/or bladed weapon in a combat situation, a big deal is the understanding on how & when to employ them. But you must understand that …

KALI TECHNIQUES : Sticks / Knives / Empty Hands

The biggest misconception about the Filipino fighting arts is that it’s ONLY a weapons system. With or without weapons, a Kali practitioner is always armed.

An introduction to stance and footwork in sword fighting (HEMA)

This is a demonstration by two instructors of the Blood & Iron historical martial arts school, Nicole Smith (also co-founder of B&I) and Sean Franklin. Both have …

Advanced Self Defense Tips – Street Effective Take Downs – Jin Jung Kwan, Calgary

Master Wade Langin shows you some advanced Hapkido techniques, taking your attacker to the ground quickly and efficiently so he cannot hurt you.

Russian Fighting Style. How to Fight. Self Defense Techniques with English Subtitles

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