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13 Year Old Kid Training Knife Self Defense Techniques With Ricardo Migiarese

13 Year Old Kid Training Knife Self Defense Techniques With World Champion Martial Artist, Ricardo Migliarese.

Using Pens for Self Defense: Striking and Clinching | Smootherpro Tactical Pen Review

This video was sponsored by Smootherpro. You can check out the tactical pens featured in this video via the links below (affiliate links, for which we receive a …

Secret No Flip Knife Throwing Technique with Scott Silverthorn

Sensei Scott Silverthorn shows secret technique to throw a knife straight and true, without any rotation.

Choosing The Best Home Defense Weapon (Besides Guns)

The Olight M2R Pro Warrior and Olight PL-Pro Weaponlight are both part of a flash sale and up to 40% off July 20-22 (affiliate link): …

Self Defense Technique Tuesday #176 Defense Against a Knife Slash Chin Grab

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Korea Special forces Training – Killer video

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( North Korea may be Next US Target for “Revolution” by Special Forces …

Truth of Knife Defense: Real Sparring

First I DO NOT RECOMMEND rear or lead roundhouse kicks as they take too much time to recover. I am using them in the video because straight kicks to the leg …

KRAV MAGA TRAINING • Knockout Pressure Points (part 1 of 5)

Krav Maga Knockout Pressure Points. Krav Maga real knockout compilation. Kyokushin, Kung fu pressure points readapted for krav maga street fights.

No Spin Bo Shuriken Throwing – Epic Blade Time

Epic Blade Time SUBSCRIBE No Spin throwing with bo shurikens aquired from hathegkla a fellow YouTuber…. Here is a link to his channel …

RAF Knife Fighting Tech Demonstration 2

Russian All-Round Fighting (RAF) Founder Denis Rojkov demonstrates octactinal pattern for knife cuts and thrusts. Episode from the study video.