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Knife Fight CQC: EDC Training – Tactical Online Course 4 Blade & FMA – Trailer

This is just a quick trailer announcing that we will be now putting in a lot more time to bring our most requested training. Knife CQC (Close Quarter Combat).

KNIFE FIGHTING: REVERSE FOOK SAO – 🔝 Punching Power, Speed, Defense – How to move like Mike Tyson

In this second part of the Knife Fighting Training on Reverse Fook Sao we put down the knives for a moment to help walk you through the technique for more …

How to open folding knives fast

Here’s a video for the new guys. How to open pocket knives quickly This video goes over different deployment methods with different knives. Great for new guys.

Re-edited Spyderco Endura Wave 4 Knife Throwing Video

Sidenote: Please do not use your folder or your knife in self-defense. I made this video primarily to show how fast you can pull a spyderco out, and throw it, if you …

Knife Review : Meyerco “Assisted 45” Folder (Uses 1911 Gun Grips)

Zombie Defensive Tactics with a Small Knife

This video is about Zombie Defensive Tactics with a Small Knife. For the video I was using what I usually carry either a Spyderco Endura/Delica or a Yojimbo 2.

How to Sharpen a Knife: Beginners Tutorial

I’m showing some starter tips on putting an edge back on your blade. The steps are easy and anyone can do it. Visit www.armybarracks.com for more … source