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SELF-DEFENSE – Two teachers discuss self-defense techniques (gun, knife)

Introducing our friend Mario from Kampfkunstschule-Neuk├Âlln. Mario is a great Taekwondo, Kummooyeeh and self-defense teacher. Every now and then he …

Knife fighting , defense, improvised weapons- Armed Combat and Tactics.Seminar Holland 2012.Day 1

Knife fighting/defense seminar in Holland, Breda. Teaching – Alexander Zhelezniak , ACT Chief Instructor. Host – Mario Loeffen , Edge Solutions.Theme – single …

Armed Combat and Tactics – Mexico . Knife combat . Counters and fight stoppers.

Knife combat . Set ups, distance , timing, technique. Counter attacks that work.

Real knife disarms. Armed combat and Tactics. What works.

Disarming the knife is extremely difficult but not impossible. These are disarms as they happen in actual real time sparring sessions, no one is feeding the attack …

Armed Combat and Tactics- Russia. Knife fighting – first person POV

A view from the eyes of the opponent.

Devastating clinch Entries. Knife Fighting. Armed Combat and Tactics.

ACT Russia – clinch entry and finishes. We do not stop until they stop.

Real takedowns in knife fighting. Armed Combat and Tactics. What works.

All the techniques done in full speed in actual sparring. If you want to take some one down in knife combat – take him down and take him out. But stay on your …

SPATHA . Best training knife simulator for knife combat and self defense.

Right tools for right training.

Prison Rush. Knife fighting. Armed Combat and Tactics.

In knife fight you finish the opponent.Quickly. You don’t play. You don’t stop. Dirty, brutal and fast. And first.

Fred Mastro | Mastro Defence System | MDS | Counter-Disarms

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