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In this episode we are working with a cutlass and knife. We are going to build up a sequence with the cutlass first, then we will add a knife to the action. With the …

Libre Fighting Systems CDMX – Empty Hand and Knife Applications (I).

Otto René Cáceres and Juan González, Journeymans of Libre Fighting Systems CDMX, showing empty hand defense techniques and knife applications, based …

Knife Vs Sledgehammer Fight

l Check out my music – Itunes: APPLE MUSIC: …

Beginners Guide To Real Knife Sharpening

Curb your dull knives. Please. But also, if you don’t want to sharpen your knife, that’s okay too. I’m just giving you the option and ability to take your knife from dull …

No reload knife throwing combo (Military half spin)

Today I was practicing with my left hand and started to do some no reload with both hands. I haven’t done no reload for a while so my form isn’t that good here.

Martial arts knife throwing

Felt like doing some serious instinctive practice today. I just want to give a shout out to all the people who have inspired me to throw knives instinctive.

6 Knife Fighting Baiting Techniques

Drop and Pierce Canyon and Downward Wind Canyon and Pierce Canyon and Pierce Sweep and Pierce Perry and Pierce.

Basic Knife Skills – Knife versus Stick combat / Soko Combat Academy

Basic Knife Skills. Learn how to cuse Knife. Knife versus Stick Knife versus Knife – Make connection! Naucite kako da koristite noz. Noz protiv Palice Noz protiv …