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CRKT M21-14SFG Tactical Knife | by Kit Carson

Learn more: See more tactical knives: …

BUCK 184 Survival Knife Navy Seals Review

Welcome to BlindOwl Bushcraft and Survival, on this channel you will learn outdoor skills, bushcraft, survival, primitive fire and trapping, camping, cooking, …

**Bf4** knife fighting – Pt1 (Better quality)

Some melee moments pt1. Enjoy!. Music; The Hero Steps Up – Dougie Wood #BF4.

WTF Is a Tactical Knife?

What is tactical anyways? What exactly does it mean when something is tactical? Is this term overused in the knife world? In this video I ask the question and …

**Bf4** knife fighting – Pt2 (Better quality)

More BF4 melee moments pt2. Enjoy!. Music; The Hero Steps Up – Dougie Wood #Bf4.

America's Greatest Knife !? Ka-Bar USMC

Today we test what is perhaps one of America’s most famous knives. The Ka-bar USMC! Designed in 1942 and still used in 2018 this knife can be called a …

Hostage With a Knife Defense – Defend Yourself Knife on the Throat

So… You’re taken hostage. How did you get here, what do they want, and should you defend yourself? ALL questions we can answer! In this situation we are …

knife throwing regular rotational throw vs combat knife throw demo

just a little demo showing how to get two different throws from the same exact spot andf how they work one full regular rotation and half blade combat throw.