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Devastating clinch Entries. Knife Fighting. Armed Combat and Tactics.

ACT Russia – clinch entry and finishes. We do not stop until they stop.

CRKT M21-14SFG Tactical Knife | by Kit Carson

Learn more: See more tactical knives: …

Abraham And Moses Goodman Special Operations Combat Knife GSOCK

GSOCK and Knives available @ Thanks to for hosting me Lanxang thanks for the intro, and letting me shoot your …

**Bf4** knife fighting – Pt1 (Better quality)

Some melee moments pt1. Enjoy!. Music; The Hero Steps Up – Dougie Wood #BF4.

Antique Philippine Fighting Knife with 7 Kill Notches from World War II

Today we have an antique Philippine Knife from the late 19th or early 20th century with 7 kill Notches. I was told that this knife was used to kill 7 Japanese …

WTF Is a Tactical Knife?

What is tactical anyways? What exactly does it mean when something is tactical? Is this term overused in the knife world? In this video I ask the question and …

**Bf4** knife fighting – Pt2 (Better quality)

More BF4 melee moments pt2. Enjoy!. Music; The Hero Steps Up – Dougie Wood #Bf4.

America's Greatest Knife !? Ka-Bar USMC

Today we test what is perhaps one of America’s most famous knives. The Ka-bar USMC! Designed in 1942 and still used in 2018 this knife can be called a …

Close Quarter Combat Knife Defence

Be taught by Close Quarter Combat expert Glenn Zwiers. In this Free lesson he will teach you simple and effective knife defence against a frontal stab.