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Shocknife for Personal Security Training

This is a quick glimpse at the shocknife we use for our Capitol Risk Personal Security Training Courses. As far as we know, we are the only personal security …

28.03.09 Tolpar OFF 12. Open knife fights.

28.03.09 Tolpar OFF 12. Open knife fights.

Hand to hand combat Knife Pistol Bare Hands

The rules are very simple, before each battle, opponents stand with their backs to each other and choose cards., On the back of the card are photos of the …

knifefighting school TOLPAR russia selfdefense knife combat

knifefighting school TOLPAR russia selfdefense knife combat.

03.11.07 Tolpar, Knifefighting seminar, basic technique, straight stab – reverse stab

03.11.07 Tolpar, Knifefighting seminar, training exercise, instructor Zadernovsky Dmitry. Basic technique, straight stab-reverse stab.

Frenzied knife attack & defence – Essex Fighting Arts

Today’s video looks at a frenzied knife attack or peppering with a knife. This was of course after I have already done one bloody video only to realise the phone …

How to survive a knife attack | 4 essential tips

Watch our experts share four essential tips for coming out on top in a knife fight. Learn how to turn the tables on your attacker or, if that’s not possible, how to …

Grabbing the blade, and training escape from it. Pencak Silat knife

Gabbing the blade has happened enough in sparring that we have developed escapes from it. If it happens in sparring it is likely to happen for real. It happens a …

Professional Self Defense Training for Police – Military – Security Agencies and Civilians

STS – (Special Training Service) Professional self defense training department of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation for police – military – security agencies and …

Krav Maga Techniques – Defending a knife threat from the rear

Marcus Houston of Krav Maga Edinburgh demonstrates a defence against a knife threat from behind. For more info please visit www.kravmagaedinburgh.com.