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Armed Combat and Tactics- Russia. Knife fighting – first person POV

A view from the eyes of the opponent.

KNIFE FIGHTING TECHNIQUES: Light Sparring Tips & Drills. How to do the UP & OVER 🔝💯

The Up & Over, also known as the JSK Fook Sao Body Bounce is one of the best mid-range to long-range techniques. It is especially effective when fighting a …

Tanto jutsu keiko/Knife training 19.01.2017 – Ninjutsu klub Bujinkan Leskovac

Neki od detalja sa Tanto Jutsu treninga Ninjjutsu kluba Bujinkan Leskovac 19.01.2017. Some details from the Tanto Jutsu training we had on 19th January …

Devastating clinch Entries. Knife Fighting. Armed Combat and Tactics.

ACT Russia – clinch entry and finishes. We do not stop until they stop.

Tactical Knife Combat

tactical #knife #combat “The morality comes when you’re a monster and you can control it.” Jordan Peterson Kamera i montaż: …

Armed Combat and Tactics-Mexico. Knife fighting , clinch , kicks, disarm.

Timing , precision , set ups, speed, technique.

Killer Bundle Training knife sale by No Lie Blades

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Armed Combat and Tactics – Bulgaria. Knife combat.

Precision. Combinations. Stop hits. Power shots. Different terrain. Igor Lebedev – ACT Sophia doing the honors.

Cold Weapon Knives : Knife throwing, knife combat, Self Defense Documentary

Russian documentary.

Attacks – Dummy Drills (2012)

Get FREE Knife and Hand to Hand Combat News, advice and more. Get free access to our Defensive Tactice Fundamentals Mini Course by registering for our …