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Knife Fighting Fundamentals for Beginners! Raw Silat by Luke Holloway

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How to Throw a Knife: Different Styles | COMBAT KNIFE THROWING

From the Publishers of the Professional Action Library: | COMBAT KNIFE THROWING: The Video …

Knife Fighting 101- Black Scout Combatives

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How To Defend Yourself With A Knife – The Basics

Basic self defense with a knife – not knife fighting.

TANTO JUTSU -The Art of Knife Handling, Manouvering, footwork, & tactics -Techniques

In the world of knife attacks and defense,Tanto jutsu focuses on the mechanics of knife handling. This incorporates all of the essentials components of knife …

How to Throw a Knife With No Spin | COMBAT KNIFE THROWING

Start watching at 0:58 if you’d like to skip the intro. From the Publishers of the Professional Action Library:

Ten Basic Knife Strikes in Philippine Martial Arts

In this exclusive Philippine martial arts video, Julius Melegrito takes you through the ten basic knife strikes for …

Into the Fray Episode 168: Basic Knife-Fighting Techniques

Mike Janich of Martial Blade Concepts shows the Master Technique, the three basic moves that lay the foundation for effectively using a knife for defense.