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SAMI Combat Systems Review 2017

SAMI Combat Systems (SAMICS) – Martial Arts, Selfdefense and Sports Training! #sami #samics #selfdefence #shownofear #staystrong #weckauf …

Free exercises to train your left hand in your knife training

SAMI Knife Fighting Concept is a sophisticated close combat system which focuses on the knife and its use for self-defense. The constant improvement of SAMI …

SAMI Combat Systems – daily training idea – Exercise 55 – Checking Hand Knife Fighting


PETER WECKAUF | SAMI Defender – Learn to defend yourself with this Online Course

The SAMI Defender is an optimal tool for training and especially for self-defense. The SAMI Defender is optimally in the hand and has the advantage that the …

Urban Krav Maga – Knife Stance to protect main arteries

Darren Selley, Urban Krav Maga instructor and owner/founder of South London Urban Krav Maga explaining the main knife stance that we use in the system.