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Knifemaking: Hand Forging Damascus Knife

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Israeli Special Forces Self Defense Technique | Tactical Rifleman

Working on a fast draw and presentation from the holster is a very important skill to build and maintain but it’s crucial to have some supplemental open-hand …


In this episode we are working with a cutlass and knife. We are going to build up a sequence with the cutlass first, then we will add a knife to the action. With the …

THANKSGIVING SPECIAL History of Military Kit & Weapons: Generations of change & Improvmnts1916-1951

This is Part-1 of this video; the second part covers the gear from Vietnam to Mogadishu. CSM(Ret) Rick Lamb has been collecting military uniforms and …

How to open folding knives fast

Here’s a video for the new guys. How to open pocket knives quickly This video goes over different deployment methods with different knives. Great for new guys.

How to use Red Dot Optics on Pistols | Tactical Rifleman

Red dots are becoming more and more popular as both the prices are coming down and manufactures are making the slides ready to add a red dot sight. In this …

Marine reacts to the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife (w/ USMC KA-BAR comparison)

A look at the iconic Commando Dagger and explaining how it differs from the USMC KA-BAR knife; not only in looks, but in uses. Original video: …

How to use the throwing knife in Modern Warfare

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HOW COMBAT WORKS! – Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Guide

REINFORCE this channel here: A guide to the wonderful world of Bannerlord combat! (Do remember it’s still beta, at this time!)

How to Defend with a Blunt or Bladed Weapon | Close Combat Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

When utilizing a blunt &/or bladed weapon in a combat situation, a big deal is the understanding on how & when to employ them. But you must understand that …