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How To Defence on the Stairs against Knife stab – SOKO Combat System

PRESSURE TEST IT FOR YOURSELF – And Try to Find the answer to your own questions. Train Safely. Train Hard and Never Forget Pressure test! FOR MORE …

How To Fight Someone With Knife |

How To Fight Someone With Knife Hi I am Sujit welcome to FLF martialarts academy main kudo national judge and referee hoon uske sath main self defense …

How to Defend against a Knife – Close Protection – SOKO Combat System

stab a knife. The left hand blocks, the right hand immediately strikes the groin. then, D raising the elbow under the chin, then the right hand grabs the neck, the …

KNIFE DEFENSE: This Technique is a Game Changer – REVERSE FOOK SAO – Punch like Mike Tyson

This technique can be used in any style of the martial art training. If used properly, it will increase your defence, increase your speed and multiply your power.

Knife Defense: 3 Tips and Hacks – How to Best use Reverse Grip – Part 2

Note: This is the 2nd half. In this video, we step back for a moment to answer a few of the questions that Aaron has as he goes through the training process.