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Kali: The Fighting Style of Jason Bourne (Odenton, MD)

Kali, the Fighting Style of Jason Bourne. Classes in Odenton, Maryland. www.marylandjeetkunedo.com.

APO-Balintawak Self Defense System Corridas (Year End Activity)

Balintawak Eskrima is a Combat System developed by Grandmaster Anciong Bacon in the 1950s. It was named after a small street in Cebu City where the first …

My Secret to Filipino Martial Arts Training – SUPER SIMPLE!

What’s my secret to my martial arts training? Train outdoors focusing on the balance between your physical, mental and emotional fitness. Train with me online.

Ensayo Kali: Flipping The Knife To Switch The Grip

You can flip your knife with 1 hand in order to switch your grip for a different directional attack or defense. Ensayo Kali is an authentic style of Filipino Martial Arts …

Low Light Knife Fighting – Pressure Testing Skills for Survival & Preparedness

ONLINE DISTANCE LEARNING – FREE WEEK LONG TRIAL!! R.C.I. Official Training Gear – Merchandise & DVD Packages!

KALI ANATOMY OF A KNIFE FIGHT by Abenir Kalis Philippines

TRAINING AT ABENIR KALIS BAHAY ESKRIMA Study courses offered: Abenir Kalis 1.Labanang Tabak – Bolo/Machete 2.Labanang Kutsilyo – Knife Training 3.

How To Use the Dart Knife | Doug Marcaida

Get the Dart Knife: (Shirt: Shout out to my friends in the Philippine Military!)

Knife fighting GM Tony Diego training Maestro Bong Abenir

One of the many private training I had with GM Tony. Although there were many teachers of this art, I only chose to train with no else but the best. Bong Abenir …

The Dart Knife | Sleeve Draw Tutorial

Get the Dart here: A quick tutorial on how to deploy a folding knife with the Emerson Wave feature. In this video we use the DART Knife by …