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Knife Day met Frans Stroeven Tactical knife fighting 01

21-06-2009 Knife Day met Frans Stroeven Tactical knife fighting.

Knife Throwing/ Martial Arts/ MOTIVATION/ Davit Voskanyan

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KALI TECHNIQUES : Sticks / Knives / Empty Hands

The biggest misconception about the Filipino fighting arts is that it’s ONLY a weapons system. With or without weapons, a Kali practitioner is always armed.

Rhythm Fist Lesson 5: Rhythm Flow Drills Intro & Press Hands

Chris Maraffis Rhythm Fist video instructional series demonstrates my personal JKD-style fighting alchemy of Western and Thai Boxing, Chinese Wing Chun, …

You Are NOT a Knife Fighter! [No Offence Episode 2]

Ryan Hoover not pulling any punches. Here he tells you exactly why you’re not a knife fighter. If you watch until the end…you’ll understand where is coming from.

How Muay Thai Prepares You For Deadly Knife Attacks! [Training Video]

The HR1 Knife: https://www.ryanhooverftf.com == A fight with a knife is dynamic and unpredictable. It is ugly. It sure as hell is scary. Ryan Hoover shows you how …