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Knife Fight CQC: EDC Training – Tactical Online Course 4 Blade & FMA – Trailer

This is just a quick trailer announcing that we will be now putting in a lot more time to bring our most requested training. Knife CQC (Close Quarter Combat).

Knife Fighting Drills

PRISMMATEC reject semua bentuk aktiviti2 dan latihan2 yg tak rasional dgn realiti tempur sebenar dalam regimen latihan di akademinya!…PRISMMATEC …

DIY Knife Dummy For Speed and Precision Training

Here’s how to build a simple moving mannequin that you can use for knife and stick training. This dummy is great for building precision, timing and continuous …

Knife combat. clinch , kicks, long range. Belgium seminar 2019. Armed combat and tactics.

Using a small knife for clinch.Long range solutions. Kicking in knife combat . Different grips .


Part of the War Eagle project of the Brotherhood of the Blade is the exploration of weapons work the Kali Way of Filipino Martial Arts . Marcaida Kali Annual …

M48 Double Bladed Tactical Tomahawk Review, Mods, Throws

BROWSE OR BUY TOMAHAWKS AND AXES BELOW: SOG Fasthawk: SOG Survival Hawk: SOG Tactical Tomahawk: …

No reload knife throwing combo (Military half spin)

Today I was practicing with my left hand and started to do some no reload with both hands. I haven’t done no reload for a while so my form isn’t that good here.

Armed Combat and Tactics. Spain 2018 seminar. Knife fighting. Machete. Knife defense.

The new trailer for the upcoming event in Spain. Footage taken from the 2018 seminar and instructor course in Madrid. Fight as you teach and teach as you …

Martial arts knife throwing

Felt like doing some serious instinctive practice today. I just want to give a shout out to all the people who have inspired me to throw knives instinctive.