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Woman Fights Back After Man With Knife Attacks

A California woman would not back down as a knife-wielding man went after her family’s money. The footage recorded Saturday afternoon shows Concepcion …

Devastating clinch Entries. Knife Fighting. Armed Combat and Tactics.

ACT Russia – clinch entry and finishes. We do not stop until they stop.

Tom Hill's Karate Dojo; Kick defense against knife threat

COME & TRAIN – If you live in Hertfordshire UK or are within traveling distance. We are always keen to attract beginners, new students or ex students of any style …

28.03.09 Tolpar OFF 12. Open knife fights.

28.03.09 Tolpar OFF 12. Open knife fights.

03.11.07 Tolpar, Knifefighting seminar, basic technique, straight stab – reverse stab

03.11.07 Tolpar, Knifefighting seminar, training exercise, instructor Zadernovsky Dmitry. Basic technique, straight stab-reverse stab.

Knife Fighting Defence Highlights

Jordan Bill works on knife defense from prone position and moving attacker.

Tom Hill's Karate Dojo; Knife to throat mugging, defense ideas

TOM REQUESTS ALL VIEWERS NOT TO CARRY KNIVES. COME & TRAIN – If you live in Hertfordshire UK or are within traveling distance we are always keen …

Tom Hill’s Karate Dojo; Grips & Counters

Courses are always available at Toms Dojo for up to a dozen students, or Tom and his students can come along to run a course at your Dojo Contact; …

Tactical Knife Fighting Lesson 18 – Cold Steel Secret Edge Neck Knife Combat

We will use the Cold Steel Secret Edge here to show some combat techniques that you might like to learn. With over 20 years of experience in martial art, I know …

SAS bodyguarding- close combat

Eddie Stone and John MacAleese demonstrate techniques used to protect VIPs in a knife attack.