Taekwondo Knife Self Defense #1

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33 thoughts on “Taekwondo Knife Self Defense #1

  1. Martial Masters says:

    well its a drill…a McDojo level drill…. as a practical defense though this will get you killed, plain and simple. You're still in the attack range of the knife and grabbing the knife hand is the first problem, nobody is going to let you easily grab the wrist like that. The master here is relying on the blind luck scenario where the attacker is completely static…. and also, breaking a wrist is not so easy, almost anyone who has some muscle will harden their hand which will make the break, lock, and takedown completely impossible. The defender is clearly assuming that the attacker won't change the direction or won't step in and will stay at a distance…. all the attacker has to do, is pull in close, engage with the other hand, and this defense falls apart and you're gone!

  2. Kevin Joseph says:

    this is the problem I have is with your heading "taekwondo knife self defence" it totally depends on the school some teachers are also hapkido or some other martial masters and they include non taekwondo techniques in their training others are nothing more than  Olympic factories that teach nothing but kicking I find these videos deceitful in the fact these things are not usually taught in majority of taekwondo schools so people actually believe that knife defence and joint locks are part of the  mandatory wtf curriculum they are not it totally depends on the school

  3. Genducaméi says:

    I was taught to, if necessary, block with the outer parts of the forearm…with the radius bone. I say if necesary, because I was taught to either create distance with any object around me to run away, or to dissarm & have that as my alpha priority. The dissarm involves either a swift mean tap or a palm sweeping motion to the back of the knife-holding hand while simultaneously sweeping the wrist with the other hand in the opposite direction. When harshly bent, the hand loses grip… strength.

  4. Elvis Guerra says:

    I remember another one! Once I suffered an assault attemp of a vandal armed with a kitchen knife. Surprisingly he placed next to me and threatened me with the knife in my side. I take his wrist with both hands and did a frontal kick him directly to his stomach. I push more than impact. Once I have the distance and with the vandal surprice, escape from the situation. Again the key was distance and block the knife to leave the opponent without resources

  5. Elvis Guerra says:

    Once I saw a real to-the-death fight beetwen a TKD expert and two knife armed gangsters. The TKD guy uses a kick to block the knife jab and then atack with a kick to the face. After the third attemp, the gangsters run away. I saw two things: the TKD guy keep the distance and the knife guys concentrate all his attack in their weapon. One of the most extraordinary thing I saw in my life. Good for the TKD guy who survives to tell the story

  6. bobby6577 says:

    One reason why a knife fighter will not hold a knife like a fencer. He will hold it like a boxer going to throw a jab. He will also crouch a little the same way a cobra coils before striking.
    In arnis/kali/eskrima, it is not always a good idea to grab or block the hand holding the knife. As much as possible, you want to tap it away from you.

  7. Manuel MORENO-LOPEZ says:

    Ne serait-ce que par exemple, lorsque vous pivoter, et que le poignet de l'adversaire et en clé, il faut abaisser le poignet et rentrer le coude de l'adversaire dans ses côtes, en continuant à pivoter le poignet …
    Les vrais pratiquants de HAPKIDO comprennent ce que je veux dire.
    Dommage, mais je ne parle pas la langue anglaise.

  8. Manuel MORENO-LOPEZ says:

    Pour ce qui connaissent bien les clés de l'HAPKIDO ou de L'AIKIDO, on s'aperçoit danser des vidéos que les professeurs de TAEKWONDO qui veulent enseigner ce genre de clés, ne la maîtrise absolument pas.
    L'idée est bonne, mais l'enseignement de la clé est carrément nulle.

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