Tactical Tuesday Episode 67




17 thoughts on “Tactical Tuesday Episode 67

  1. Jim Hartzell says:

    Great Job as usual guys !!! Karl, I notice you got 9mm bullets for reloading !!! FYI, if you are going to use your reloads in your lonewolf barrel M23 check to see if they will chamber. Reason being match grade barrel has a tighter tolerance in there chamber !!! Stay Strong and Be Safe !!!

  2. gavan simkin says:

    Hi Karl Question?! You know how you always said that you've always wanted to be a Green Beret? When I was 8Yrs old, I always wanted to be a UN NATO Peace Keeper!! Ever since that Sniper Uncle of mine Trained me in what he knows? Well I also have a Question?! For Randy! Because when I was 8, My Uncle introduced me too! 2 Retired Tunnel Rats! Who also Trained me in knowing how to not be able to read the land scape, but also knowing how to Seek up on the Enemy as well to… So has Randy ever meet any in his Service before Karl? It will exactly 3 Decades in about 5 Days from today since I meet them!

  3. Prepper101 says:

    Karl, just a quick double check here. I think I heard Chad last night say that we have to wear a mask while in the chat room during live shows for social distancing due to the fact that our screen names are within the 6 foot radius of required separation for social distancing? Can you please confirm. Thanks, A concerned civilian….Shoot Straight….Carry On….

  4. Paul Miner says:

    Tactical Rifleman team, I have to say again I am so glad I joined patreon. It not just to see Jerry J. I am glad you are putting out content to try and turn citizens into capable citizens! I thank all of the veterans out there for their service!!! One more thing, AC/DC rules!

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