Tactical Tuesday Episode 40



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28 thoughts on “Tactical Tuesday Episode 40

  1. Jim Hartzell says:

    Hey Karl , great podcast always informative & enjoyable! Question: I understands your position for Knight but I have an sr25m from 1995 !! Any pointers or trouble spots to keep an eye on ? Do you know of someone that works on these rifles for such things like tuning or smooth out any problem areas? Eugene Stoner was still part of the company when purchase !! Stay Strong & Be Safe..

  2. Nicholas Barnum says:

    A long time ago I was advised not to use hand loads, hot loads or specialty ammo for home defense. It is for home defense and chances are you may only use it for home defense. Local authorities advised me to use the same ammo as our local police, Speer Gold Dot. The reason for this was from a legal perspective. A prosecutor could potentially use ammo choice against you. Consult an attorney if you have one with experience in self defense cases. Seek a professional and maybe consider Self Defense Insurance. It sucks to lose the head of your household to the legal system for simply not wanting a criminal to kill them or their loved ones. Great stream Karl, Chad take care.

  3. Jacob Elliott says:

    The knowledge you two have probably forgotten is more than most people will know! Thanks for the tips and tricks along the way. This maybe the one good thing to come out of this rough time.

  4. Charlie B says:

    The craziest thing about combat, when you watch Vietnam or Currant combat footage you see guys standing right out in open all the time, crazy! I would always be behind cover with least amount of my showing.

  5. Charlie B says:

    Did you know many companies like MidwayUSA won’t even send reloading supplies to NY? Larry Potterfield is a rotten prick. I stopped reloading when I couldn’t mail order any components anymore. There is no laws against sending things to NY, any loaded ammo you just have sent to your dealer.

  6. Mechanicus says:

    Holy testicle tuesday batman, I live in my mom's basement stop being so disparaging to peoples of different backgrounds and creeds, cant believe this exists in 2020.

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