Tactical Training for Law Enforcement

Was the training that you received at Mandate School and/or the Police Academy enough? Are you confident enough in …

13 thoughts on “Tactical Training for Law Enforcement

  1. Mario Garza says:

    Police academys hire the wrong people 2 teach cadets sometimes in my Academy it's 80% when we roll n fight our chief former marine vet makes us practice hard it's painful as hek lol

  2. MrAnguloA says:

    NEVER put your face or vital organs in front of a knife and NEVER EVER fall to the ground when he's grabbing your gun. A kick to the balls is faster. This guy is a joke.

  3. MiF Doesntmatter says:

    Its afwull. If you will provide this movements in the street , you will be defenitely dead.
    Espicially with knive. Im ready to discuss, im russian master and teacher of self defense, also teacher of russian knife street fight. so lets discuss.

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