Tactical Shooting Team Drill – Column Formation

Second team drill from our tactical shooting course. Emphasis was on situational awareness, communication, teamwork and safe weapon handling. Can you …

26 thoughts on “Tactical Shooting Team Drill – Column Formation

  1. Timothy Gorman says:

    Also all you cod players out there giving your expert advice, civies are not the military so they don't train like the military. That does not mean they are wrong just a different way of do things.

  2. Linus Wong says:

    In the US military, this formation you guys used would be known as a file formation, since everyone was in a single 'file' line (hence the name).
    Not sure if you guys over there call it something different, that's fine.

    Keep doing what you do, these larger team drills are great to watch.
    Let's not even get started on misunderstood video suggestions, I'm dying of laughter every time I watch them XD

  3. Jonah Maher says:

    have them gain that fire superiority at the start though, most of them didn't even start shooting at the first reaction. Gaining that fire superiority in the beginning is critical in starting your momentum.

  4. bobbie joe shmo says:

    Only critique. When your people "peel off" have them touch the person they are running past (on the side of the direction they are travelling toward). This way, all shooters know the team is "peeling off" and which direction they are going. Then nobody gets left behind.

  5. Nathaniel Kessler says:

    Why is there not communication by each person when they are moving? "Moving!" Once individual reaches their spot, "Set". There should be sustaining fire when your mates are moving. Cover fire. Communication when your mag is full, nearly empty, empty, and when reloading, then when your weapon system is back up to running. If you train for urban or rural combat, this is important. I heard only one person communicating the whole time. Probably the range master.

  6. SmithN' Wesson says:

    Sweet training. Why are there so many haters bashing civies for training? It's awesome that people want to get involved in firearms, tactics ect. I have seen Soldiers, Marines break down under fire so all anyone ca do is keep training and hone your skills. Nice ice.

  7. mike gee says:

    Just joe and jane citizen playing combat. At least they are learning some bit of fire arms discipline-BUT if they think they are going to be some high speed operator in harms way, they are sadly mistaken! The avg armed hood thug could take them, let alone the avg 19 yr old Army private in many 1st world armies

  8. 455eley says:

    I like how you keep your practical shooting "practical" much of what is called "practical shooting" in the US is nothing but gun games and I don't really consider much of it practical and at the higher levels of competition it is nothing more than an equipment race.

    I know some guys in south africa that put together a shooting sport similar to what you do so they can meet the requirements to obtain sport shooter certificates allowing them to own semi auto rifles

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