Tactical Knife vs Real Flesh

Do not attempt anything seen in this video, and always receive proper training before using a new weapon. The FOX 599 Karambit Knife and Trainer are …

37 thoughts on “Tactical Knife vs Real Flesh

  1. Little Wolf says:

    In the first scenario if that "man" had a weapon you would have been dead before you pulled the knife out especially if he was facing your way and was armed. Just saying no hate I love ur vids.

  2. Koky Koky says:

    Hellooo With Karambit knife you dead right away? This shit got me thinking with them thugs walking down the streeet late at night carrying one of these hell nah don't wanna leave my house. i walk 3 hours to school & also from. only way is nasty streets yalll.

  3. Vampire Lord Vladimir says:

    Reverse grip is not how it was originally used. It's a forward grip weapon like most weapons. You lose reach, percision, control with reverse grip. It's handicapping yourself and anyone who learns it with serious intent of using it that way :). But people will be naive. Also daggers and knives are best for assassination. Killing those who are asleep, unaware. War is about deception. If you put yourself in a face to face confrontation you already fucked up. Of course you can't always avoid it but so called macho face to face combat is to die unless our blade is completely hidden at first. Letting your opponent know you had a knife is again not ideal.

  4. Mason Corwin says:

    what's the point of slashing his throat if you already have your fully automatic rifle pointing at him which can fire more rounds more effective than a possibility of missing and putting yourself at more risk with your upper right back side now valunrable to the enemies who probably also have weapons and don't want to use a knife just saying

  5. No Ting Wong says:

    Casually puts gun down, casually puts knife out and casually walks over to the dummy and said "the guy wouldn't have the chance to react" and swings the blade so wide that his center mass is completely wide open
    Jesus you would have been dead the moment you tried to put down your gun,.
    Even a thug fights better than your slow ass.

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