Tactical Knife Fighting Lesson 20 – Choosing Your Knife for Self Defense

With over 20 years of experience in martial art, I know there are some tiny things people don’t pay attention to when it comes to knife fighting. Here we will learn …

13 thoughts on “Tactical Knife Fighting Lesson 20 – Choosing Your Knife for Self Defense

  1. power play 4 real says:

    Yeah ! That Ti Lite is pure quality in design and one of the very best Self Defense tools on the market and Cold Steel has many others that are available in various styles and sizes. You can trust their Locks to hold up if you ever need to use it to defend your life.

  2. Blazin'Blades says:

    hi everyone,
    in my humble opinion, the very best self defense knife (and maybe the only true one) is a folding tactical Karambit with a wave opening feature.
    Deployment is the most crucial thing to consider and nothing is easier the deploy under pressure than a Karambit.
    reverse grip is the way to go and the Karambit is the ultimate self defense tool.
    just think of deploying a standard thumb stud folder compared to a ringed Karambit…

  3. Uploader24 says:

    can you review and show some techniques with the awesome recon 1 micro drop point knife? i carry that knife daily on my keychain and it is very useful and strong

  4. Shane Alexander says:

    thanks for your vids. been having a marathon of watching yesterday and today. are you going to do any additional videos on the khukri? i have the cold steel rajah 2 for my edc. love it. i have taken arnis for my weapons training. is that what you base your lessons upon?

  5. Nyrian says:

    Hey, I got a question for you. I feel like I want to learn knife fighting. Do I search for that kind of knowledge in some martial art or something like that? If you could name it that would be great.

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