Tactical Knife Fighting Lesson 2 – Cold Steel Bowie Machete Combat Tips, Fight Smart!

We will use the Cold Steel Bowie Machete here to show some combat techniques that you might like to learn. With over 20 years of experience in martial art, …

36 thoughts on “Tactical Knife Fighting Lesson 2 – Cold Steel Bowie Machete Combat Tips, Fight Smart!

  1. Joseph Schmoberg says:

    This Bowie and the Marbles machete Bowie are very fast moving knives. Because of the lightness, these knives move very fast with just wrist action. The back edge is a VERY important factor in a fight with a Bowie and both these machete Bowie's have a great back edge ! I very much like the knife you are reviewing, the blade length is great !

  2. respected soul says:

    I just bought this bowie machete in Australia where I live and it's not so cheap.I had to pay $55AUS with shipping on eBay and I see in the U.S you guys can buy it for $18US on eBay.But that doesn't matter we always have to pay a lot more for things here but I'm just happy I bought a super cool knife because after I bought it I came on Youtube to find a review to see how good it really was and after watching this review I'm so happy I invested my money well and will have a fantastic knife good for many uses.Great review,great channel, I just subscribed thank you.

  3. rncftw says:

    Nice review and instructional video. I was looking at maybe treating myself to a CS trailmaster or OSS. The fact it came so sharp surprised me… So now I'm looking at saving a lot of money and maybe going with this versatile looking machete instead. I like the look of that tip, the only thing you can usually criticize about a machete. 

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