Tactical Knife Fighting Lesson 1 – Pocket Kukri (Cold Steel Rajah 2) Blocking as Attack

A lecture on tactical knife fighting skills, using a Cold Steel Rajah 2 and Cold Steel Kukri Machete to demonstrate the theories. This lecture here demonstrates …

18 thoughts on “Tactical Knife Fighting Lesson 1 – Pocket Kukri (Cold Steel Rajah 2) Blocking as Attack

  1. old dog says:

    Hey Mac, good vid. But this folder is illegal to carry and to use in most countries. I suggest you instead to use the Cold steel COLOSSUS. Very nice knife and with 4" legal in most countries. If you can't go long – go wide!

  2. coolsly64 says:

    I would (because I have enough experience to do so with edged weapons) not allow the opponent to get that much of a swing on me I'd close the gap and use their own body weight to power the edge threw them and use cold calculated attack points to do the most damage (I train much like samurai but, I use different martial arts to achieve my desired outcome in training that is… but would use my training in a real situation.) I feel that using your blade to stop an attack is a last resort option in other words I use more hand-2-hand combat techniques in my style of knife fighting practices but I do agree with a lot of the things you say and ways you practice I also sometimes learn a little myself I like to think you never can be done learning and my mind will always be open to learning from others.

  3. William Cox says:

    Kukri is the national knife of Nepal.  The big ones rival the size of the executioners' tulwar, but the traditional size is less generous, better for wielding one-handed, an excellent tool and weapon, combined.  I hadn't seen a folding version, before, but it's a logical extrapolation, especially considering western preference for easily concealed weapons.  Another fine review and general tactical analysis.  Keep posting!

  4. febed01 says:

    I like your training tips and I decided to train seriously from today 🙂 [we had a home invasion attempt last summer, hopefully the landlord was here and make the guys run away because they didn't expect someone to be in the house]
    The Rajah is one of my favorite 🙂 When I received mine I loled because I knew it was a big knive, but didn't realize it was that big ^^
    The CRKT Razel SS7 is also a crazy sharp and beasty piece of steel I'd like to train with. But it doesn't forgive a wrong step, so I'm going very slowly with it ^^

  5. thebusey10 says:

    Another great video bro! Keep up the good work. I really like the way you explain the reasons for the movements. I will always remember to "keep my elbows in" now when practicing my knife fighting skills and to use my body instead of my arms.

     Oh and the bare metal finish on your fixed blade kukri looks super sweet. I cant stand the finish cold steel puts on their machetes. It looks almost like they painted in on with wool hahah. Thanks again for the great video…I am going to watch the rest of the videos in this series now.

  6. sweetcostarica says:

    Good techniques for the combat knife. As you probably alway know he Kukri is one of the best fighting knives in the world. I like the Kukri and use it for it's utility and effectiveness in wood.

    Your video is very nice. Keep up the good work Chiinnature.

  7. Oyxopolis says:

    Nice video mate. I always liked your Air rifle reviews, but keeping it varied is more fun to me. This one (and the other new one) are great. Smooth moving. Keep them coming 🙂

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