Tactical Hand Signals Part 2

Jim Wagner will teach you step-by-step tactical hand signals grouped into categories for ACTION, OBJECTS, NUMBERS, and AIR OPERATIONS. Copyright …

46 thoughts on “Tactical Hand Signals Part 2

  1. Jack the Gestapo says:

    is there a gesture indicate the suspect had armed with a rocket launcher? like if I use the long weapon signal and everybody thought I mean they had some rifles, then i think that could ended up pretty bad lol

  2. 86BodyFat BehindaBar says:

    I thought the THS for hostage was a throat grab??? And to indicate a suspect is a closed fist and grab your wrist with the opposite hand, but his hand was opened as he grabbed his wrist. (could that also mean hostage?)

    Just when I thought I had it down pat…¯(ツ)

  3. 2394locke says:

    Excellent two part video! I did notice a couple things in case anyone is interested.
    Your international signal to stop, means welcome in Iraq! I wonder how many civilians were shot and killed before our soldiers figured that one out…Kuwait…
    Another observation is the signal for male and female should be like the rest of the world, and like the deaf use. Cheek for female, forehead for male…
    Last but not least, Contrast, keep in mind green gloves on a green background will not be seen from 30 yds. away especially in dim light. Green on Black as demonstrated, is perfect and should be mentioned as an important factor…

  4. Robert ÓhÉigceartaigh says:

    Thanks, and well done, Jim! You provided a lot of useful information in a short period of time, never an easy job, but you did it. Keep up the great work and stay safe! Taking your valuable time to make this video shows how dedicated the Thin Blue Line is, the People sometimes don't understand that to 'Protect and Serve' requires so much more than just calling 911 and waiting for the good guys. Thanks again!

  5. Austin lee says:

    This is great but you got something wrong aren't you suppose to always have one hand on your willie at all times for saftey! ate ups. Thanks jim for the video helped alot.

  6. Bob Smith says:

    When he says to indicate many hostages, he grabbed his arm and then threw his fingers In the air, his hands pointed up.  Doesn't grabbing the wrist indicate suspect, not hostage?  I thought grabbing your own throat meant victim or hostage.

  7. Mike Mckay says:

    I was wondering how you would do some of those if a side arm was drawn and you wanted to keep something covered with it like a doorway as that would mean all signals would need a one handed version that could be used or the vocabulary would suddenly become very limited

  8. dwyerb says:

    wrong. in iraq that "international" signal for stop you made means "proceed" or "welcome". feel free to shoot iraqis (or black kids with toy guns) who do not comply

  9. Seron256 says:

    I would like to make a very small "correction" in the one hand numbers' counting, the number 3 it's better to be shown with the index, middle and thumb fingers instead of ring finger, in order to avoid confusion with number 6. Very useful video and congratulations for all the hard word.

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